Thursday, January 19, 2017

Leather, Tobacco! Indulge with NEST Cashmere Suede

One of the newest fragrances from NEST Fragrances, and also perfect for the chilly winter months, is Cashmere Suede. Prior to its introduction, the NEST home fragrance collection was in need of a hearty wood fragrance, and Cashmere Suede definitely fills that void.
Cashmere Suede
Of course, NEST does floral SO well. But we’re happy to see such a bold, woody scent from NEST. Warmth is what Cashmere Suede exudes with notes of cashmere woods, tobacco leaves, and black amber. Bergamot and fig provide a slight hint of brightness to balance out the woody notes. Cashmere Suede is such a unique and complex fragrance — that will keep you intrigued long after you have first lit it. As always, NEST has delivered! Ask for a free scent sample from Candles Off Main. Shop all NEST scents at

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Voluspa Favorites for Winter!

Voluspa has re-introduced a true fan favorite! Japanese Plum Bloom is back and encompasses the perfect balance of sweet, floral notes with just a little zest added by a hint of currant. If you’re a long-time Voluspa fan, you’ll remember how popular JPB (as it was called) was in the past. The scent itself is soft and whispering as not to overpower, but enough to intrigue the imagination of whimsical places only found in a dream.
This fragrance is perfect for anyone who prefers floral, sweet overtones with a hint of fruitiness, but does not want an overwhelming scent. Elegantly displayed in jars with a lilac mercury glass finish or tins with a subtle extravagance of pale lilac and rich magentas. It is, in a word, majestic.
If you’re looking to find the decadence of tart, citrus scents combined with warm, earthy notes, look no more! Voluspa’s NEW Persimmon & Copal will take you away to the spicy, South American heat with a pale shadow of rose to calm your senses.
This fragrance is beautifully encased in a simmering coral mercury glass jars or tins with fiery, exotic designs of varying pinks and copper. Each candle (or mini diffuser) is sure to warm your home with a breath of citrus and a subtle creamy, resin finish as you drift to lands far away.
As always, we’re never disappointed with anything from Voluspa. Treat yourself to one (or both) of these luxurious new home fragrances today!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Layer Candle Fragrances

How to Layer Candle Fragrances

It’s a great day when you find a fragrance that you really adore. Something that really speaks to you and you can’t get enough of. After a while, though, you may want to mix things up and create a fragrance that is uniquely yours. When people walk into your home they are welcomed by something they’ve never experienced before, creating a special memory for them.
I like crafting new sensual experiences every night, mixing and blending for fun and variety. I put a different fragrance in each room of my home so as I travel around I pick up the different notes to peak my senses.  Like cooking, layering fragrance in your home can be a creative and rewarding experience.
If you haven’t started layering fragrances yet, don’t be afraid! It can be a lot of fun and it’s hard to go wrong. Here are some tips to guide and motivate you:
Floral fragrances blend well with other florals, citrus and woody notes. For example: Voluspa Tuberosa di NotteNEST Bamboo, and K. Hall Peony.Tip: try to only select one heady floral (like Tuberose) and the others bright clean florals unless you like a heavy/over-the-top floral scent.
Tree fragrances blend with other trees, woody notes and citrus. For example: Thymes Frasier FirArchipelago Black Forest and Votivo Sumatra Lemongrass Tip: when you bring your tree home or set up your artificial tree, surround your home with a variety of green, tree fragrances to make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. It will create a lasting memory of your special day.
Gourmand fragrances blend with vanilla and spicy notes. For example: NEST Vanilla Orchid & Almond and Trapp Exotic SpiceTip: try to stick to just one gourmand fragrance at a time as they can be dominating. Have the other fragrances support the primary gourmand scent. Keep this blend simple or you’ll feel overwhelmed by scent. 
Amber blends well with other amber, vanilla and woody notes. For example: Voluspa Baltic AmberThymes Lotus Santal and Illume Amber DunesTip: these blends are good for romantic evenings at home or for relaxing with a good movie or book. These grounding fragrances will help you slow down and unwind. Don’t use this blend for too long or too often or you’ll never get off the couch. 
Fruity notes blend well with other fruity notes, sugar, vanilla and amber. For example: Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry and Votivo Red Currant or Aura Cosmic (orange vanilla) and Capri Blue Volcano and Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange.Tip: don’t overdo the sugar — pick one heavy blend and the other lighter blends to balance the load.
Citrus blends well with other citrus, florals and woody notes. For example, Archipelago LunaTrapp Lemongrass Verbena and Voluspa French Cade LavenderTip: don’t overdo it with the citrus notes or you’ll be too wound up and high above the clouds. Add in an earthy floral or woody note to help bring the fragrance down to ground level. 
Anything with vanilla blends well with anything else with vanilla. For example: Trapp Orange VanillaVoluspa Bourbon Vanille and Aquiesse Sandalwood VanilleTip: have fun with this one! Be sure to avoid artificial vanilla fragrances when you have company over as they can be headache-inducing. (Avoid the cheap brands.) We don’t have any on our website. 
This one is tricky, but sometimes florals blend nicely with sweet notes. For example: Voluspa Tuberosa di Notte and Voluspa Bourbon VanilleTip: use caution here, it’s easy to get nauseous on these blends. Even the most expert candlemakers tread lightly with this combination for good reason. They can be very sickening. 
One combination you likely want to avoid is gourmand fragrances with florals. I’ve never known that to work, but other than that, it’s really hard to mess up. So go ahead and play around and create something new and uniquely you!
What’s your favorite fragrance combination?
Candles Off Main

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enhance Your Tree Fragrance: Best “Pine” Fragranced Candles

Enhance Your Tree Fragrance: Best “Pine” Fragranced Candles

Nothing feels like the Holidays like the scent of a Christmas tree. While some like that fresh, vibrant scent you get from a freshly cut fir tree, others like a more earthy scent that encompasses the crisp green needs and warm woody notes from the bark and trunk of the tree. Finding the perfect Christmas Tree can be fun and frustrating. Here’s our guide to help you find the perfect tree scent, without the frustration.

Nest Birchwood Pine

The aroma of a majestic winter forest is created by blending white pine, fir balsam and Birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber.

The NEST Birchwood Pine candle is bright, beautiful and does wonders to fill your home with the aromatic scent of a freshly cut Christmas Tree. With a refined elegance in both the scent and the styling, NEST Birchwood Pine is definitely one to try if you’re looking for an energizing, true Christmas Tree scented candle. Birchwood Pine by NEST Fragrances is available in the standard size, votive, 3-wick, grande candle, diffuser and spray for all your fragrance needs. Be sure to set the diffuser by your artificial tree and spritz the tree with the Birchwood Pine spray. You’ll never miss having a real tree again.

Thymes Frasier Fir

Mountain fresh with the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood. 

Arguably the best Christmas tree scented candle out there, the Thymes Frasier Fir scent comes in a huge variety of products. This scent is wildly popular with Candles Off Main customers. Deb from Ohio calls this scent “stunning,” adding that “it has the perfect amount of sweetness and just the right amount of warm sandalwood to give it a soothing effect. Very crisp and uplifting fragrance.” Cheryl from Arizona calls this candle, “the one.” She wrote, “For years I have been searching for a real “pine” fragrance to compensate for an artificial Christmas tree. This is it! I burn this through the entire holiday season to evoke the memories of the past and create new ones for the future.”
I imagine that this powerful scent is what the Griswold home must have smelled like when Clark attempted to bring an enormous tree home for the holidays in Christmas Vacation. If you’re an artificial tree devotee, this candle will bring the forest scent home with one little flame.

Aquiesse Monterey Pine Cande

Aquiesse Monterey Pine Candle is the crisp scent of hilltop Evergreen pines, earthy Canadian balsam wood and fresh thyme, evoking a misty morning journey through a coastal forest grove.

If you want a a Christmas tree fragrance that is not overly ‘crisp’ or bright — we recommend this scent. In this fragrance, I detect soft creamy notes of vanilla blended perfectly with the crispness of balsam. I consider this a very inviting Christmas scent that will be perfect all winter long. Guests to your home will feel the comforting notes of this idyllic tree scent.

Trapp White Fir

The Trapp White Fir candle fills your room with the refreshing, cool sensation of a winter frost. This top-selling candle features a clean, green fragrance only a Christmas tree brings.

This candle is not only highly fragrant but an incredible value! For a true ‘fir’ fragrance that matches the scent of any freshly cut Frasier fir tree — we recommend this beautifully packaged candle. Great gift!

Voluspa Spruce Cuttings

Spruce Cuttings is filled with the scent of royal Colorado blue spruce cuttings freshly snapped and trimmed for a fragrant garland.

The signature holiday candle by Voluspa make your home festive and bright, featuring a beautiful green glass candle  that sparkles! Whether you’re gifting it to a host or hostess or yourself, each candle features a proprietary coconut wax blend with a cotton wick for a pure, clean burn. If you’re looking for a very fragrant tree candle — this scent has amazing throw!

Votivo Christmas Sage Candle

Freshly harvested juniper berries, tangy hemlock cones and fragrant emerald hued spruce boughs transform the rustic cabin into a light filled workshop where dreams are crafted with pride and hope fills the heart eternal with gifts that truly linger.

The Christmas Sage candle by Votivo is one of my favorites. It’s earthy, gritty, herbal and incredibly grounding. When the holiday festivities of bubbly champagne and sweets can make you spiral out of control, this scent is perfect for bringing you back down to earth. I love this scent on cool or raining nights when I need to relax and unwind. The travel tin is great for weekend ski getaways.

Rigaud Cypres

The aromatic mildness of lavender, the woody and crackling notes of pine needles and the forceful fragrances of cedar wood all intermingle.

The luxurious French line Rigaud has been around for decades. Ever since First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy introduced Rigaud to the homemakers of the US in the 1960’s, the intensely fragrant Cypres candle has been a Christmas tradition.  With its elegant and distinguished history, Rigaud Cypres is the most complex tree fragrance in this list, reflecting more of a cologne or soapy scent than true Christmas Tree. If you’re looking to make a statement, it’s easy to do with a Rigaud Cypres candle.

riguadcypressmallcandleFrom fresh and vibrant focusing on the crisp green needles, to earthy and grounding encompassing all the essence of a forest tree, there’s a Christmas tree fragrance for everyone. We think these are the best Christmas Tree scented candles, but what we really want to know is:
What Christmas tree scented candle is your favorite?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lampe Berger - New Spring 2014 Fragrances

A few times a year Lampe Berger launches new fragrances and lamps to continuously keep the selection fresh and inspiring.
We love the new Lampe Berger Polygon lamp - A geometric glass lamp, both modern and elegant, dressed with glossy opaque lacquer. The lacquering is shaded downwards from the top to reveal the base of the lamp. This fragrance lamp is available in red, black and white.
Another popular lamp for gift giving is the Lampe Berger Cube. It's simple stying and affordable price make it great for hostess gifts and housewarming gifts. The Cube lamp is available in several colors. The new Smoky color is a nice addition with its neutral color tone.

Lampe Berger also has 3 new fragrances this spring, all with a clean, fresh theme.

Soap Memories is a clean fragrance reminiscent of bath-time. This floral chypre has orange, peony and cotton blossoms that are enhanced with a hint of sweet almond. Lampe Berger Soap Memories has top notes of lily of the valley, clean notes and orange blossom, heart notes of peony and cotton flower and base notes of sweet almond, patchouli.

Lampe Berger My First Fragrance is like the scent of fresh water, so gentle and tender. This scent is reminiscent of the first fragrance you smelled as a child - slightly musky and powdery and incredibly comforting. My First Fragrance has top notes of bergamot, lemon and tangerine, heart notes of rose and orange blossom and base notes of grey amber and musk.

Lampe Berger Miss Violet  is a feminine blend of rose petals and violet powder softened with a hint of delicious vanilla and fruity raspberry. This scent is reminiscent of subtly iridescent luxury lipsticks. Miss Violet has top notes of cherry and rose, a heart note of raspberry and base notes of oris and violet powder.

What Lampe Berger fragrance do you use most in the spring?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Linnea's Lights New Spring Fragrances

I love Spring! It's one of my favorite seasons. Bright, beautiful colors. Clean air. Optimism. Everything is fresh, new and full of potential. I also love the fragrances the arrive in the spring. Delicate florals. Dewy grass. Clean water.

Linnea's Lights created 3 new fragrances to celebrate the arrival of spring: Persian Lime, Eucalyptus and Geranium. Each fragrance is distinct and on-point, as are all the scented soy wax candles by Linnea's Lights.
Persian Lime
Effervescent citrus blend of tart lime, grapefruit and vetiver.
I'm not usually a fan of lime fragrances, but this one is wonderful! The grapefruit really comes through for me and creates a great citrus blend. I highly recommend the Linnea's Lights Lime candle if you like lime, grapefruit or other citrus fragrances. This candle would blend well with other citrus scents such as Linnea's Lights Grapefruit, Aura Clairvoyant or Nest Grapefruit. Linnea's Lights Persian Lime would work very well in a kitchen or bathroom for a fresh scent.
Cool eucalyptus warmed with pacific woods and fresh air.
I love this eucalyptus candle by Linnea's Lights. It's very well balanced with fresh eucalyptus and soft woods. Sometimes eucalyptus can be very medicinal (think Vick's Vapor Rub) with a strong menthol scent, but this one is slightly muted by the soft woods without losing the essence of eucalyptus. This candle is very unisex and would work well for men and women. Great for bathrooms.
Soft rose geranium blended with uplifting bergamot and clary sage.
I love Rose Geranium and this candle is a fantastic representation of this beautiful scent. It's cheerful, uplifting, youthful and vibrant. Linnea's Lights Rose Geranium would blend well with another rose candle or a grapefruit or bergamot candle to compliment the notes in this fragrance. This bright floral would work well in just about any room. Other candles I would recommend to go with this one would be Votivo Rush of Rose, Aura Clairvoyant, Linnea's Lights Grapefruit and/or Tocca Florence.

These new fragrances offer a great opportunity to try Linnea's Lights candles if you haven't already. Whether you like citrus, floral or neutral tones you'll be able to find the scent to suit your preference and mood. You can't go wrong with any of these three new scents or any of the other scented candles by Linnea's Lights.

What is your favorite spring fragrance?

Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Change a Lampe Berger Fragrance

One of the most common questions we get from Lampe Berger owners is how to switch from one fragrance to another. Some Lampe Berger fragrances blend nicely so you can be sloppy switching from citrus to citrus or even blending scents. For example, I like being really sloppy switching from Grapefruit to Lavender to Eucalyptus to get a nice spa blend. You can do this with many different scents, however, some don't mix well at all such as Orange Cinnamon and Ocean Breeze.

If you're not sure how to change the fragrance oil in your Lampe Berger lamp here are 3 strategies for you.

Option #1: Change the Wick
If you like to switch between different Lampe Berger fragrance oil often, say Orange Cinnamon and Ocean Breeze, the first thing you can do is have 2 different wick burners. Use one wick for Orange Cinnamon (and other sweet or gourmand fragrances) and the other for Ocean Breeze (and other fresh fragrances). Wait until the lamp is empty or empty the lamp before adding the new fragrance. Keep the wick that is not in use in a zip lock bag labeled with the type of fragrance (such as fresh or gourmand) and use the appropriate wick when you change the fragrance. This way, you can continue to make use of the same lamp while quickly changing between 2 different types of fragrances.

Option #2: Get different lamps for different fragrances
If you switch between 2 different fragrances frequently, the next step is to get 2 or more  lamps - one for each type of fragrance. For example, I have a Lampe Berger lamp in my kitchen for citrus scents to keep the kitchen smelling clean and fresh, a lamp in my living room for floral fragrances and a lamp upstairs for more relaxing, warm woody scents. The fragrances layer really nicely together so you can enjoy them all at the same time or use whatever lamp has the fragrance you desire at the time. Dedicate one lamp for each type of fragrance you enjoy (citrus, floral, gourmand, wood and fresh). Typically the fragrances blend really nicely within each category so you can switch fragrances in the same lamp easily (Grapefruit to Citrus Leaves in one lamp and Orange Cinnamon to Southern Vanilla in another, for example).

Option #3: Use Neutral Oil between fragrances
If you want to use the same lamp and same wick use Lampe Berger Neutral oil in between to keep the different fragrances separate.This option is also really helpful if you want to remove the previous fragrance completely because you didn't enjoy the fragrance at all.

Wait until the lamp is empty (or empty the lamp) and add just a little bit of Neutral fragrance oil. Let the lamp burn out completely and continue to add just a little bit of Neutral at a time and continue this cycle as often as necessary until the previous fragrance is completely gone from the lamp and wick. The reason why you only want to add a little at a time is because the Neutral oil will be "tainted" from the previous oil and you don't want to use up more Neutral than necessary to remove the fragrance from the lamp and wick.

Neutral is also great between fragrances to help maintain the efficiency of your wick. It unclogs the wick and keeps it burning at peak efficiency for better scent throw and extend the life of the wick. Neutral can also be used to soften any Lampe Berger fragrance. You can fill your lamp 1/2 with Neutral and 1/2 with fragrance oil or any ratio that suits you. Sometimes even just a tablespoon of fragrance oil and the rest Neutral is enough depending on the scent, the size of your space and your preference.

How many different Lampe Berger lamps do you have? How do you switch between fragrances? Feel free to share your suggestions below.