Friday, January 19, 2018

NEST Linen: Luxurious, Fresh Fragrance

When NEST introduces a fragrance, it is kind of a big deal. For weeks now, we’ve been quite excited about introducing NEST Linen to you. Upon first impression, you might not recognize this delicate fragrance as a ‘linen’ scent. NEST Linen is not overly saturated with notes of cotton, but rather is refreshingly crisp.

In our view, this fragrance represents notes of a linen or textile that has been sun-dried, versus machine dried. After several minutes of experiencing this new NEST scent, we are sure you’ll pick up on several subtle floral notes, including apple blossom and white orchid.  NEST Linen, available in 3 candle sizes and a reed diffuser, is best described as a textile that has absorbed the nuances of a summer day after blowing in a breeze for hours. Elements of nature— florals, greens, fresh air, are all captured in this linen fragrance, surely making it a NEST classic for years ahead. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trending for Fall: LAFCO Pumpkin Pomander

    Cooler weather is finally here and that means seasonal candles! And pumpkin everything. Pumpkin and spice and.. is that lily of the valley?

    LAFCO’s Pumpkin Pomander candle is love and nostalgia at first sniff. I couldn’t have been more excited to spark this one up. The intoxicating aroma is both familiar and surprising. Comfortable and inviting, yet nuanced and deep.

    It’s a bite from Proust’s madeleine- you are immediately whisked off to a place and time that you once remembered.

    The sleek and sophisticated silver box is supremely giftable. The substantial hand-blown glass jar is a lovely iridescent deep orange. I enjoyed watching the warm glow as the evening light waned, and the flame burned down into the night.

    This is a candle to enjoy with loved ones. At the dinner table, with good conversation. At parties and holiday gatherings. Burn it it in the foyer, in the kitchen, or in your family room.

    It’s a gourmand scent that goes both ways- the pumpkin and spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, mandarin, and clove) are tempered with a fresh floral blend at its heart (heliotrope, muguet, lavandin, and geranium.) How interesting!

    The throw isn’t overpowering yet fills a room and lingers. Choose the larger size (Signature) for big, open spaces, or the smaller size (Classic) for cozy nooks.

    Pumpkin Pomander has been in the works for a few years now. LAFCO wanted to introduce a classic pumpkin fragrance to their mix, but with a twist. They nailed it- you’ll be reaching for this candle again and again in the months ahead.
    -Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis

    Saturday, July 8, 2017

    5 Favorite Wine Inspired Fragrances

    Long summer nights, good friends and exceptional wine!  The vintages of past harvests are sure to tease your senses with every sip.  I had a great glass of wine the other night and it reminded me how much I love juicy and complex fragrance in a candle. With wine on the brain, I’ve penned here for you my 5 favorite candles inspired by the love of great wine. 

    Full of sweet, tart, playful fragrance, LAFCO’s Wine Room boasts notes of cherry, cognac and pomegranate.  You’ll enjoy 90+ hours of fragrance in this 16oz candle. 
    The delightful effervescent, sweet and flavorful notes of bubbly have inspired many great fragrances including Champagne by Rewined Candles. Notes of white grape, honey, baked bread and light citrus will fill any room with fragrance for 80+ hours. The recycle wine bottle this candle is poured in will make for a great accent to your next dinner party or Sunday brunch! 
    Juicy ripe peaches, crisp iced prosecco, poured over sweet apricots muddled with superfine white sugar. Can you say, yum?! Procecco Bellini by Voluspa is always a top-seller and a candle I really enjoy, especially on a bright sunny day. There are many candle sizes to choose from, including a 2-wick tin and 12oz jar. 
    Boutique candle maker Aura has created a signature scent called “Bubbly.”  Filled with crisp celebratory notes of champagne, pinot noir, chardonnay — blended with rock sugar, this 10oz candle is always a go-to in my house. Guests will feel at home with and maybe even ready to dance a bit when you light this fancy fragrance! 
    Red wine fans don’t lose heart, my last pick is for you. Wild Currant by Trapp Candles is full of deep and rich fragrance, including red currant and cassis. This candle (wax meltroom diffuservotive or spray) is well rounded with green, tart and fruity scent notes. 
    Need more help finding the perfect fragrance? Let us be your sommelier of scent! Browse by Bubbly, Red/White Wine or Berry/Currant fragrance families. 

    Sunday, June 11, 2017

    Fragrance from the Herb Garden

    Take a walk on a warm, summer day through your fragrant herb garden. What do you smell? What are your favorite aromas?  From sweet, citrusy lemongrass to the earthy fragrance of floral lavender — when it comes to summer herbs, this truly is the best time of year to enjoy lush green fragrance. Because herbal scents are always fan favorites, many candle makers have captured these scents to enjoy indoors as well. Using fine fragrance and essential oils, here are our favorite herbal inspired home fragrances:

    One of our favorite offerings is what was previously known as the French Collection from Votivo (now included in the Votivo Aromatic Collection). This fragrance collection was comprised of scents reminiscent of what you would find in the French countryside. From St. Germaine Lavender, to Sumatra Lemongrass, to Rosemary Garden and Provencal Honey, there are some beautiful herbal notes to enjoy. These nature-inspired scents are available in both a 6.8oz candle and a reed diffuser that lasts for approximately 4 months. I love how purely natural these fragrances smell; pure and simple but with heightened sophistication.
    If you’re looking for a fresh and revitalizing herbal fragrance, look no further than LAFCO’s Mint Tisane (Meditation Room) available in a candle, diffuser, diffuser refill, and bar soap. With bright notes of spearmint and peppermint, balanced with the spice of ginger and clove, this is the perfect energizing fragrance.
    Invigorate your senses with the pure, fresh fragrance of mint, found in Produce’s Mint candle. Not only does Produce use a clean-burning soy wax, but these jars are perfect for reuse!
    I’ve heard it said that you either love cilantro or hate it. Those who love the spicy, fresh fragrance will thoroughly enjoy Produce Cilantro.
    On the rich, earthy side of herbal fragrances is rosemary, a perfect example of which can be found in Nomad from Aura. The pungent fragrance of rosemary is combined with earthy cedar and patchouli to create a warm and sultry masculine blend.
    We’ve seen some pure, true-to-nature fragrances but its exciting to be able to enjoy blends that combine bright herbal notes with earthy or spicy to create a unique and enticing blend. NEST fragrances is known for creating sophisticated blends unrivaled by most. Moss and Mint, and Lemongrass and Ginger are not any different. Earthy in nature, you can smell the “green” of Moss and Mint, creating an environment like that of a cool, moist wooded forest. And while lemongrass can be found easily in home fragrance collections, NEST blends it with ginger, eucalyptus, thyme and sage to create a complex scent with a bite of spice.
    Citrus is intensified in this bright fragrance from Archipelago Botanicals, with notes of lemongrass, yuzu, ginger, and sage. We love the impressive size of this candle as well! At 14 ounces, you will receive enjoyment for approximately 90 hours!
     Also part of the A.B. Home collection from Archipelago Botanicals, Lavande, exhibits the rich, herbal notes of lavender, made brighter with cyclamen and cucumber.
    More citrus and less green, Lemongrass Verbena from Trapp, this sweet fragrance, with a hint of vanilla will certainly fulfill your desire for a bright citrus fragrance.

    Sunlight, soil and scents! We hope you’ve found your fragrance favorite in our collection of best herbal inspired home fragrance. Enjoy!

    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    Cool Down with Coconut

      Cool Down with Coconut

      When the weather heats up, we start clamoring for coconut candles.  And why not transform your home into a tropical oasis on a hot summer day? From sweet and creamy  — to fruity and fresh, here are our top-selling coconut fragranced candles.

      Archipelago Botanicals Fiji – Fresh

      If you are looking for something more along the lines of suntan lotion/coconut scent, this candle is for you. We detect a hint of cane sugar too and lemon zest also!

      Northern Lights Coconut Husk – Creamy

      Take the smell of the sea everywhere with Coconut Husk by Northern Lights. Warm coconut and almond milk with light citrus notes, make this a sweet, dreamy scent! Reminiscent of recycled glass found on the beach, all candles in this collection are part of the Tide Pool Line,  creating a relaxed atmosphere.

      NEST Ocean Mist and Sea Salt – Fresh

      White Tea and Luscious Coconut are combined in this NEST best-seller! A staff favorite, this candle is truly the most fragrant summer scent available. Fill any room with fresh summer fragrance notes! All candles in this collection meet the NEST standard for complexity of scent.

      Illume Coconut Milk Mango – Sweet

      We all deserve a break! This is your escape — in an affordably priced fragrance line. For under $30 dollars, Illume has crated an amazing line of summer fragrance featuring juicy mango, lush papaya and coconut milk. Fans of sweet, creamy fragrances will enjoy Coconut Milk Mango by Illume.

      Archipelago Pineapple Ginger – Fruity

      This distinctive blend of coconut, yuzu, pineapple and ginger will provide you with the illumination you need to transform any space to a sophisticaed blend of tropical fragrance.  Always clean-burning and with great fragrance throw — we highly recommend Archipelago candles.

      Simpatico Kashmir – Sultry 

      Peach, vanilla, jasmine, amber and coconut are blended together in this soy candle by Simpatico. 
      For an exotic fragrance, inspired by Indian culture — Kashmir, is a sultry fragrance, well crafted by the candlemakers at K. Hall Studios. If you’re looking for a woodsy, amber fragrance that will tease your senses — we highly recommend this candle!

      There’s no need to wait for your next vacation to enjoy a fresh, tropical experience! Bring a coconut scented candle home today for a treat you’ll be sure to enjoy.

      Sunday, February 19, 2017

      Behind the Scent: White Camellia by NEST Fragrances

        Behind the Scent: White Camellia by NEST Fragrances

        NEW from NEST Fragrances, White Camellia is a beautiful white floral bouquet. This lovely new home fragrance features fresh camellia, wisteria, and Indonesian jasmine.  Intermingled with crisp notes of white tea and amber, the fragrance is simply breathtaking.
        NEW from NEST White Camellia
        From NEST Fragrances:
        NEST Founder Laura Slatkin describes her new fragrance as “the perfect balance between vintage beauty and modern sophistication.”  The fragrance concept for White Camellia came to Laura Slatkin while attending a fashion exhibit at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She was captivated by the beauty of a wedding dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. It was adorned from top to hem in intricately handcrafted artificial flowers known in classic French couture as parurier floral.  Inspired by this elegant work of art, White Camellia was developed with careful attention to detail. Just like all NEST Fragrances, this new scent is certain to fill any home with a luxurious bouquet of fragrance.
        Shop the entire collection here.

        Blue Agave Featuring Tart Lime is NEW From Linnea’s Lights!

          Blue Agave Featuring Tart Lime is NEW From Linnea’s Lights!

          They’re here! The release of new home fragrance from Linnea’s Lights is always a moment to celebrate! There are few other boutique candle lines that have such unique fragrance creations.
          It is also hard to find truly pure soy candles that are also incredibly fragrant, since soy wax often doesn’t hold fragrance as well as paraffin waxes.  Still, Linnea’s Lights always provides a fragrant experience for the senses with their complex candles fragrances.

          Escape to the Sea! Ocean 
          has returned again this year as a popular Spring and Summer scent. With notes of salty sea air, rain, and water lily, Ocean provides a clean and fresh scent. Truly a breath of fresh air with light floral notes.
          Linnea’s Lights introduced two new fragrances this Spring: Blue Agave and Linden.
          I love Blue Agave for this time of year; the perfect balance of green, floral, and airy. Notes of water lily create a light floral scent and the greenness of cactus and agave bring some earthy components to the fragrance. Add a twist of lime and you’ve got a perfect, slightly exotic, escape from the chilly winter air that is holding on.
          Though, in February it may seem a little too early in the year for floral fragrances (especially in parts of the country where winter is still in charge) Linden is the perfect fragrance for someone wanting a soft and gentle floral fragrance. Linden blossom creates a light floral, slightly honeyed fragrance, while neroli adds in a little citrus. White patchouli mellows the linden and neroli.
          If you are looking to try a new fragrance or candle line, I highly recommend exploring Linnea’s Lights. These newest scents from Linnea’s Lights have definitely been on par with the quality and complexity of scents from this Indiana based brand. Pure sophistication with long-lasting fragrance to fill a room– check out Linnea’s Lights today.
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