Dream a Little Fig Dream....

Ripe black figs and gently crushed fig leaves are combined with a bit of lime zest to create an earthy fruited scent. 

I've been having an absolute fig fest lately try all varieties of fig candles.  It's amazing how different they all are. Some lean towards the green leaves of a fig tree, some towards it's fruity sweetness and others go to the dark side.  The LAFCO Guest House (Marseilles Fig) candle, however, comes across as slightly gourmand.

I picture black figs baked in the oven until slightly soft, drizzled with honey while still warm, and then topped with the smallest sprinkling of lime zest.  This fragrance makes me happy and hungry.  If I could dream a little dream, I'd see the French countryside out the window and I'd be sipping smooth red wine and eating gourmet cheese and bread while enjoying this candle.  Soft music would play in the background and the table would be surrounded by friends and family laughing the night way.   Oh, to dream...

I love all the hand-blown colored vessels in the LAFCO candle line.  They are so eye catching the price is worth the vessel alone.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed this clear glass vessel.  It looks so simple and elegant and the black rim ads a nice touch.

I'm always impressed with the amount of fragrance LAFCO candles provide.  I put this candle in my front room that has a high ceiling that opens to the second floor.  This candle filled the space with ease yet didn't overwhelm it.

If you created a fig candle, what would it smell like?


  1. I have to be honest and say that I can't best your vision. I would totally create the same thing as your Lafco candle vision! Perfect. I also agree the Lafco vessels are worth the price alone.


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