Meet The Maker - Kelly Hall Barr of K. Hall Designs

Kelly Barr (her maiden name is Hall for K. Hall Designs) started making candles at home when she was 12 years old. By selling at local farmers markets, her business grew and by 1997 she was ready to work full time at building K. Hall Designs. Her passion for simple fragrances and packaging was appreciated by a growing customer base and the result is a business larger than she imagined. Her husband, John Barr, works with Kelly to grow the company to create a strong national presence.

Kelly started making reed diffusers and 100% vegetable wax candles long before most companies. Her fragrances are simple but not understated. They come across clean and strong, each with their own unique identity, never complex or confusing. K. Hall uses simplistic packaging always keeping the environment in mind (long before it was fashionable).

Kelly and John live in an antique house in Missouri with five children. The products created by K. Hall Designs are pure and natural and as free from additives and preservatives as possible. She makes her products with her children in mind, keeping the ingredients safe enough for them.

K. Hall has launched several new products over the past couple of years, including solid perfume, laundry soap, linen water, surface cleaner and dish soap. We look forward to many new products and fragrances from K. Hall as everything they produce is simply perfection. Their newest fragrance, Shore-Line, has become an instant #1 best seller for them even though it's only been out a few weeks.

Thanks to Patricia Reeser from PA for submitting your question for our "Meet The Maker" series. Congratulations on winning a beautiful K. Hall Designs candle.