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Aloha! Summer Vibes from Illume

I am so over this cold weather.  I’ve been attempting to make myself feel like I am in the tropics by burning Illume’s 11.8 oz. Vanity Tins and it’s been successful! Well…sort of. While I can’t actually be laid up on the beach relaxing with tacos and margaritas, I can try to emulate the same feeling! These Vanity Tins are super cute, aromatic and remind me of beautiful, white sand beaches. They add a pop of color which instantly boosts your mood while leaving your space filled with delicious fragrance. Plus, they will only set you back $18.50! If you’re not into candles, (it’s cool, we got you) Illume has diffusers too! The diffusers are $28 for 3 fl. Oz.

As far as the candles go, one of my personal favorites from this line is Pineapple Cilantro. The blend of citrus fruits and cilantro is super yummy, so don’t burn this candle while hungry. If you’re looking for something more tailored for the spring, I highly recommend Sweet Hibiscus. It’s a light floral, but the addition of sugarcane makes it smell like candy! And the bright coral packaging, are you kidding me? It’s adorable! Let’s be honest, packaging is almost as important as the actual fragrance! Illume is killing it with these spring fragrances and I can’t wait to burn them into the summer too!
-Lyndsie | Candles Off Main