Thymes Malagasy Vanille Candle

"Venture into uncharted territory, a place where the warmth and intensity of silken Madagascar Vanilla embraces notes of creamy sandalwood, cinnamon bark and golden amber, with a lush undercurrent of bergamot, ylang and velvet musk."

Finally, we have a nice, cool, Fall night. Perfect weather for the Thymes Malagasy Vanille candle. It's a yummy blend - soothing and relaxing. The vanilla, amber and musk blend seamlessly and come across like a nice hot toddy, warming me inside. The cinnamon bark adds a hint of spice bringing character to the fragrance and making it dramatically different than your common vanilla or amber candle but in the most subtle way. The bergamot and ylang are quiet but compliment the warmer scents nicely, creating a delicate balance and keeping the whole fragrance from becoming too heavy.

I could live with this scent for hours without growing tired or overwhelmed. It's like my dog, Lucy, at my side. Comforting me but not bothering me. It's just nice to know she's there, keeping me at ease.

Agave Nectar is my favorite spring/summer/bright/energizing scent from Thymes. This is definitely my favorite calming/soothing/fall/winter scent from Thymes. The individual ingredients are so common and yet come together in such a unique, comforting and delicious way.

Malagasy Vanille is part of the Indigenous Collection by Thymes. The Indigenous Collection features fragrances and cultures from around the world. When you can't afford to travel or don't have the time to get away, try and escape with an Indigenous candle by Thymes.

Fragrance intensity 4/5. Burn quality 4/5.