Linnea's Lights Tuberose Candle

The Linnea's Lights Tuberose candle celebrates the heart of the tuberose flower - it's complex and slightly sweet floral essence.  Tuberose is a night blooming flower that is frequently used in wedding ceremonies and to make Hawaiian leis.    It's an intense floral that can easily get unruly and overwhelming - becoming too complicated and heady in a heart beat. 

Linnea's Lights did a nice job to keep this floral under control creating an enjoyable floral worthy of company.  Where most tuberose candles lean towards sweet or spicy, this fragrance (if it leans in any direction) would be slightly angled towards a soft, natural earthiness.  Perhaps the base uses moss or neutral wood notes.  Kudos to Laura Cler for creating a Tuberose that is completely in sync with the brand - simple and natural.

Burn quality 4/5.  Fragrance intensity 3.5/5