Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegranate

This lyrical fragrance was inspired by the idea of the Original Sin. This is pure, unadulterated sin, but without the guilt. Often considered the “Fruit of Paradise,” the luscious ruby red seeds of the pomegranate are scandalously enticing. Blended with notes of sweet cassis and the unexpected bouquet of garden roses, its sultry sensuality will turn any room into an intoxicating oasis. 

Orange Blossom Pomegranate is one of my favorite fragrances by Belle Fleur.  I am immediately taken by its crisp notes of bitter orange, tart currant and cassis, and fruity pomegranate. After that delicate florals of geranium and rose unfold with just a touch of jasmine for punch and orange blossom for depth.  All of this rests on amber and vanilla that is ever so slight so it doesn't upset our outshine the delicate balance above. The soft base grounds the fragrance keeping it from becoming too tart and leaving you with acid stomach.

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While I love the beautiful name, it throws me a bit.  I think of it more as "Pomegranate Orange" or "Seville Orange Pomegranate".  Most Orange Blossom candles are incredibly floral.  If you've ever smelled Nest Orange Blossom, Carrière Frères Citrus Dulcis (Orange Blossom) or Voluspa Orangerie D'Azahar, you know exactly what I mean.

Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegranate is far more fruity than floral.  I love it on a bright sunny day or anytime I need an uplifting, fresh scent.

I'd love to visit Florida while the orange blossoms are in bloom to take in the scent in it's most pure form. In the meantime, this fragrance transports me to an orange grove where I'm surrounded by graceful flowers and juicy oranges.  The fresh air fills my lungs and the sun warms my skin.

It's magical how fragrance can transport us.  Where does this scent take you?


  1. The amber and vanilla notes sound so perfect for this blend! I love that it's more fruity than floral—pure orange blossom is VERY floral to where it's almost surprising at times. This sounds warm and sunny, exactly how you described it.

    1. Caitlin - I so agree. Orange Blossom is very heady floral. Right up there with Tubersose and Gardenia.

  2. Can't wait to try it. This one is going on my wish list!


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