The Main Event Episode 80 DayNa Decker Ella

The Ella chandel was introduced earlier this year as the newest fragrance for the Botanika Collection by DayNa Decker. Ella is a blend of mandarin, citrus, jasmine, tuberose and sandalwood to create a sexy, sweet, glamorous fragrance.

We can't really detect the floral or citrus notes in either the cold or the warm scent throw. For us, the fragrance was sexy and sweet. It is reminiscent of caramelized brown sugar. A very deep, but not dark, scent mostly oriented towards sandalwood.

DayNa Decker recently changed their wax from translucent to a creamy, soft green wax. The new wax formulation burns easily and evenly and the wood wick crackles while burning for a multisensory experience.

The 6oz Ella chandel lasts 40-45 hours and the 3oz chandel lasts approximately 25 hours.

What is your favorite DayNa Decker fragrance?