The Main Event Episode 15 DayNa Decker Botanika Collection

DayNa Decker is dedicated to creating the highest quality, toxic free, sustainable, fashion forward products available. The Botanika chandels use a wax blend of various natural resins and oils. These candles contain 10-15% pure essential oils and complex fragrance essences. Each chandel has a wide, EcoWood wick that creates a crackling effect when burning.

The Botanika Collection offers the following fragrances:

Leila (our best selling): grapefruit, bergamot, dewberry, lemon flower, amber musk

Yasmin: night blooming jasmine, lotus, rose, White woods, sheer musk

Zelia: white lotus, cypress, incense, sweet jasmine, musk, bourbon vanilla

Bacara: fig leaf, freesia, black rose, currant, vetiver, vanilla musk

Manzanita: grapefruit, pink pepper, geranium leaves, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver

Bardou: pink peppercorn, fresh greens, wild rose, pink peony, cardamom, redwood

The 6oz chandel lasts approximately 45-50 hours and retails for $54. The 3oz chandel lasts approximately 25 hours and retails for $32.