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Monday, March 18, 2013

New Luxury Candles 2013 Spring/Summer Edition

Approximately twice a year luxury candle brands such as Nest Fragrances, Votivo, Thymes, Tocca and Voluspa launch new fragrances and products. Here's what's new for the 2013 spring/summer seasons:

Votivo launched 2 new fragrances for their Aromatics Collection: Jasmine Neroli and Azure Garden. Votivo Jasmine Neroli is a floral blend of mandarin, guava, angelica, jasmine, tuberose,  white musk, vanilla and soft woods.  This is a great take on jasmine and I highly recommend giving it a try.  Votivo Azure Garden is a  blend of grape hyacinth, blueberry, prairie grass, red leaf rose, red hunter, tulip, teakwood and vetiver.  This fruity floral fragrance is perfect for spring/summer.

Jonathan Adler added a fun fragrance to his Pop Collection: Bubblegum.  This smells exactly like hard bazooka bubble gum that has the powdering white coating.  If you're looking for something sugary this will hit the spot.

Thymes launched three new fragrance for their Wildwood Collection: Woodland Violet & Mint, Fiddlehead Fern & Crabapple and Linden Blossom & Nectar.  These spring/summer fragrances are offered in a light green vessel and light brown box to corralate with the brighter seasons.  The Thymes fall/winter Wildwood fragrances are offered in a brown vessel and darker brown box.  They will return in August.

Trapp created 4 new fragrances: Mandarin Goji, Teak & Oud, Fig & Mimosa and Fine Linen.  These new scents are available in the 11oz Trapp candle, room spray and votive candle.  Mandarin Goji is a pungent and sweet fruity fragrance.  Teak & Oud is a unisex scent that comes across like soft woods.  Fig & Mimosa is a fruity floral, not overly fig or sweet.  Fine Linen is a fresh scent reminiscent of Votivo Clean Crisp White or K. Hall Designs Washed Cotton

Tocca added to their fine fragrance collection with the new Liliana perfume.  Tocca Liliana is an intoxicating bouquet of muguet, gardenia and peony.  There is also a strong peach note making this perfume a youthful fruity/floral.

K. Hall Designs added a diffuser to their Barr-Co collection.  This original scent is a blend of  creamy milk, oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver.  There is also a new apothecary jar candle for this fragrance that will be available soon.

Nest Fragrances is going to launch a new candle just in time for Mother's Day.  White Narcisse offers the modern clean floral fragrance that Nest does so well.  This new fragrance is offered in a white, sculpted vessel in packaging made perfect for gift giving.

Voluspa repackaged their Maison diffusers in a larger, taller, clear vessel with slim-line box.  The reed color corresponds to the particular Voluspa Maison collection: Rouge (red), Noir (black) and Blanc (natural reeds).   

Voluspa also created the new L'Florem Collection featuring 5 floral-based fragrances.  This new collection offers 6 products: 3 candles sizes, room spray, roll-on perfume and luxurious hand cream.  (You must try the hand cream!)  My favorite new fragrance in this collection is Temple Grove.  It has the peach notes Voluspa does so well with like in their Makassar Ebony & Peach and Creme de Peche fragrances.  This new collection will be in very soon!  Look for it here.

What new luxury candles are you most excited about?

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Fragrances by Trapp: Yuzu & Bonsai, Pure Peony and Quince & Pomegranate

Earlier this year, Trapp launched 3 new fragrances: Yuzu & Bonsai, Pure Peony and Quince & Pomegranate.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, similar to a grapefruit. This fragrances has strong sweet accents and the yuzu comes across like a sticky, pink grapefruit that was sugared just prior to blending. There also seems to be some floral notes and other tropical fruits in this candle adding to the fruity sweetness. Trapp Yuzu & Bonsai comes across as being zen-like to most people.

Trapp Pure Peony is a soft, petally floral. This fresh, spring scent is perfect for anyone seeking a floral fragrance that isn't heavy or intense.

Trapp Quince & Pomegranate is a fresh, fruity blend. Quince is a small tree that grows in southwest Asia and grows fruit related to apples and pears. This tropical fruit is blended with tart pomegranate and notes of Asiatic Lilies. This bright, fruity blend works well anytime of year.

If you're looking for fun and fresh fragrances, be sure to give these a try!

Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane

I love sweets, so it's no surprise how much I enjoy the Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane candle. What I really like about this candle is that it isn't sicky, sugary sweet. It doesn't give me a belly ache like some over-the-top sugary scents can. It doesn't smell like cookies or frosting.

If you've ever had the pleasure of sucking on pure sugar cane, you know exactly what I mean. It's a soft, mellow, natural sweet that soothes. The bamboo notes offer a freshness to help keep the sweeter notes from becoming too heavy. The effect is fresh and relaxing.

This candle works well anytime of year and any type of weather. I enjoy it on rainy days to provide comfort without weighing me down. On warmer days it layers nicely with Pink Grapefruit for a more refreshing scent. Blended with spicy scents like Trapp Exotic Spice or Sexy Cinnamon it becomes more lively. For sweeter blends, layer it with Guava/Mango, Pear or Macintosh. You really can't go wrong layering Trapp Bamboo Sugarcane.

Trapp Bamboo Sugar Cane is available in 5 oz and 7 oz candles as well as votive candles.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trapp Giveaway Blog Question

Answer this question for a chance to win a Trapp prize pack valued at over $100. Here's the question:

If you were any Trapp fragrance, what fragrance would you be?

You must post your answer as a comment to this blog post by 3/1/11 to be entered to win. We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, March 2nd. You're welcome to follow our blog while you're here! Look for the follow button in the right column.

We're giving away 5 Trapp prize packs this week. Click here to see all the ways you can win.

Each Trapp prize pack includes an exclusive Trapp bag, Trapp diffuser, 2 Trapp candles and a Trapp room spray in a fragrance of your choice. We'll ship the winning prize pack to any continental US address. Good luck!

Trapp Giveaway Week

We're giving away 5 Trapp Gift Packs valued at over $100 each!

Below are the various ways you can win:

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    3/1/11: Congratulations to Kim Miller (pookiekitty62) for winning our Trapp YouTube raffle!

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  • Facebook Raffle: Join our Facebook Page and earn a raffle entry when you post your top 3 favorite Trapp fragrances on our wall. Earn a raffle entry every time you have a friend join our Facebook page and post their 3 favorite Trapp fragrances (they also earn a raffle entry). They must post "[yourname] sent me" on our wall for us to keep track. We'll announce the Facebook winner on Thursday, March 3rd.

    3/3/11: Congratulations to Robin Nuscher Donnelly of MD for winning our Trapp Facebook raffle!

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Each Trapp gift pack includes an exclusive Trapp bag, 2 Trapp candles, 1 Trapp room spray, and a Trapp diffuser all in a fragrance of your choice. Total value over $100. We will ship the prize package to any continental US address. Good luck!

      Tuesday, July 20, 2010

      The Main Event Episode 79 Orange Fragrances

      On hot, steamy summer nights like this, it's nice to enjoy an invigorating orange-scented candle to rejuvenate and refresh.

      Floral Orange Candles:
      Generally speaking, if a fragrance description includes orange blossom, the fragrance will be very floral, similar to tuberose.
      Nest Orange Blossom
      Nest Orange Blossom is the most floral orange candle we have. It smells a lot like tuberose. This candle is nothing like orange the fruit. It screams orange blossom - the flower. Nest Orange Blossom blends orange blossom with orchid, tiare flower and freesia with with tangerine, lemon and musk. Nest candles are highly fragrant and this candle is no exception. Nest Orange Blossom is available in a votive, 8oz candle and 3-wick candle.

      Orangerie D'Azahar in a new fragrance by Voluspa and is part of their new Maison Blanc Collection. This very floral fragrance was inspired by the gorgeous Orange Blossom coast of Spain, Costa del Azahar. Voluspa Orangerie D'Azahar is available in a 12oz candlepot, 2-wick tin, 15oz ceramic candle and room & body spray.

      Dahlia Orange Bloom by Voluspa is also floral but very earthy. Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom blends Mexican neroli orange blossom, organic lemon peel from California and patchouli from Indonesia. The patchouli gives it an almost "dirty" appeal. This is the most heavy, earthy scent in the bunch. Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom is available in a 3-wick tin, 5oz candle, 10oz candlepot and diffuser.

      Le Cherche Midi 14 is a summertime floral delight, but from rose buds, not orange blossom. It blends mandarin blossoms, rose buds and black currant. We tried this candle the other night and it was very fragrant. The rose buds dominated the scent and the orange blossom and black current added nice accents. Le Cherche Midi candles burn beautifully and the packaging is amazing with it's slide top wood box, silk lid and unique square glass. If you've never tried Le Cherche Midi please do!

      Earthy Orange Candles:
      Orange blends perfectly with earthy scents. We see this a lot in the fall and winter with orange/clove and orange/cinnamon combinations, but there are also a few year-round earthy orange candles.

      Thymes Ambersweet Orange is a very subtle and relaxing scent. This fragrance is good for fall as it blends orange blossom, creamy almond milk, Tonka bean and vanilla grounded by nutmeg, sandalwood and cardamom. This is another candle that we need to burn to see how the scents interact. Thymes Ambersweet Orange is available in a candle and room mist as well as bath & body products.

      Bitter Orange is the signature scent by Agraria. This is the first fragrance they created as a potpourri in their store on Nob Hill in San Francisco. The scent was such a hit that it inspired an entire luxury fragrance line. Agraria Bitter Orange is very grounding. I love how the blended the bitter orange with cypress. They managed to give it an earthy feel, and while it's a deep fragrance, it isn't heavy. I love the way Agraria candles burn. Very cleanly, easily and level. My only regret is that we don't have the larger size - yet! The fragrances are far to beautiful to go through so quick. The Petite Crystal Cane candle lasts a brief 25 hours, though we burned it for 4 hours the other night and there wasn't much wax loss. The differs, on the other hand, are incredibly long lasting. The large diffuser (AirEssence) lasts for over a year and the petite diffuser (PetitEssence) lasts several months. Agraria is definitely the longest lasting diffuser we represent and the fragrances are as elegant as the packaging. Stunning!

      Fruity Orange Candles:
      Orange fragrances can be zesty, floral or juicy. When the description lists orange zest or orange peel - it's just that. The outside, very clean and fresh part of the orange.

      Even though the Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegrante candle lists orange blossom as one of the notes, this candle smells much more like fruity pomegranate and pungent cassis than floral orange blossom. I love everything about Belle Fleur candles - the ready-to-gift packaging and they burn beautifully, cleanly and easily. I just think that this name is a little misleading.

      Vacarro Orange & Myrrh is a new fragrance by Voluspa and is part of the new Maison Noir Collection. Of the three orange fragrances on the table by Voluspa, this one smells the most like an orange. This fragrance blends sweet vacarro orange peel, cassis and myrrh. The myrrh in this candle is very subtle when cold, which is why I didn't put it above with the earthy orange candles. We need to burn this candle to see if the myrrh comes out more, but as is, it's a luscious, juicy scent. Voluspa Vacarro Orange & Myrrh is available in a 12oz candlepot, 2-wick tin, 15oz ceramic candle and room & body spray.

      Sweet Orange Candles:
      Orange candles last list vanilla as one of the notes will be sweet and tend to have a strong vanilla accent.

      Trapp Orange Vanilla is one of the best selling fragrances in the country. It marries juicy orange with vanilla bean. Trapp candles are highly fragrant and burn beautifully. Trapp Orange Vanilla is available in a votive, 5oz candle, 7oz candle, diffuser, diffuser refill and room spray.

      Anthousa Vanilla, Grapefruit and Blood Orange is so strong in vanilla that it fits more in this section than the blood orange category below. This is similar to the Trapp Orange Vanilla candle with it's strong vanilla accord, but the juicy orange gets lost in the sweet vanilla in this one. The grapefruit adds a subtle zestiness to the scent, but subtle. Anthousa candles burn beautifully in the Italian frosted tumbler. I save the empty tumblers (they are easy to wash out with soap and water as Anthousa uses and all vegetable wax) and use them as bud vases and votive holders. They look gorgeous on a dining table. Anthousa Vanilla, Grapefruit & Blood Orange is also available in a diffuser.

      Blood Orange Candles:

      Candles with blood orange in the description are the most juicy, orange fragrances. They are very refreshing , fun and delicious.

      Italian Blood Orange by Red Flower is one of my favorite candles. I love the fresh, juicy orange fragrance and the energetic, glowing wax in this candle. This scent is great in the kitchen or anytime you need a vibrant scent to enliven your space. Red Flower candles are very long lasting for their size. The 6oz candle lasts 45-50 hours and the mini 1.5oz candle lasts 15 hours. The petals on top of the 6oz blood orange candle make a stunning decorative accent.

      Italian Blood Orange by MOR is another juicy scent. This candle blends blood orange with apple, peach, pineapple and pear. Yum! I'm anxious to try this candle to see what the hot throw is like. If you've tried it, let me know what you think. This is the only orange candle we have with black wax. I'm a sucker for sexy black wax. MOR containers are translucent so you can see the candle burning and they are gilded with 24k gold. MOR candles are hand-poured and made with a fine soy wax blend.

      We forgot to include Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom diffuser. Since we were looking for orange candles, we skipped over this fantastic fragrance. Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom blends floral orange blossom, lilac and jasmine with citrus notes of mandarin and lemon and grounds the scent with a subtle hint of vanilla musk.

      Saturday, July 17, 2010

      The Main Event Episode 78 Ocean Fragrances

      It's summertime and everyone is looking for the perfect ocean scent to captivate them and bring them into the moment of this exhilarating season. Ocean fragrances can vary from salty, to beach grass to watery with so many blends in between.

      Starting with the most salty, Antousa Okeanos, for us, is the epitome of an ocean, summertime scent. It brings me to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod where the spray from the crashing surf fills the air. The air is thick and moist, blending the scent of sand and dune grass. The Anthousa Okeanos diffuser has an elegant summer look, with a speckled decanter and fragrance oil tinted soft blue. The Okeanos Candle is filled in a hand-blown tumbler that looks like sea glass.

      Another salty, ocean scent is the Del Mar candle by Voluspa. Del Mar blends crisp kelp and sweet ocean air. The Voluspa Del Mar candle burns beautifully, and very fragrantly. I love the decanter - it makes a perfect stash jar for earrings and other goodies after the candle is done. The Voluspa Del Mar candle

      The Thymes Naia candle is a soft, elegant summer scent. It's more watery than salty with water lily, cyclamen, citrus notes and lychee. This is a delicate blend and a great hostess gift with is more general appeal. Naia is also available in a room spray and bath & body products.

      Seablue Sky is a new fragrance by Votivo. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to burn this candle yet. My hunch is that the true meaning of this scent comes alive when it's burning to distinguish it from the many other water-oriented scents by Votivo. Seablue Sky is a blend of fresh air, lavender and amber. The cold throw for Votivo Seablue Sky definitely comes across as the most salty, ocean scented candle they offer.

      White Ocean Sands is a popular fragrance by Votivo. This scent was created to evoke the ambiance of a bonfire on the beach after a hot summer day. It is definitely more smokey and woodsy than Seablue Sky, but this is another one that we need to burn to get the true essence.

      Antica Farmacista Acqua is a watery fragrance, blending sweet musk and marine algae. It reminds us a lot of a linen scent or Washed Cotton by K. Hall. It's very fresh and clean, but not much like the ocean. Antica Farmacista Acqua is available in a demi and petite diffuser.

      Earlier this year K. Hall launched Shore-Line fragrance and it's an instant hit. Shore-Line has soothing watery, spa-like notes with a very clean and fresh finish. This water scent comes across more like cologne than ocean. K. Hall Shore-Line is available in a diffuser, diffuser refill and candle.

      We recently tried the Lafco Bathroom Marine candle and loved it. It is a delicate, summery scent and reminds us of the iced water with floating cucumber slices that you get at a spa. This cooling scent instantly soothes you on a hot, steamy day. The 4" x 4", hand-blown vase is stunning with the most gorgeous soft, blue hue that glows while the candle is burning. The Lafco Bathroom Marine candle mesmerizes you with it's beautiful look and delightful scent.

      The Trapp Ocean Marine candle has oceanic, aquatic notes with a hint of cassis. This I can't say this smells like the ocean, but it does smell a lot like water but with more character. The cassis gives it a bit of a kick with it's crisp note. For a flat, tap water like scent, try the Trapp Water candle.

      I need to try the Shelter Island (Ocean) candle by Jonathan Adler. It is a blend of fresh ocean notes, sea moss, sand grains, sage and fir balsam. It's cold throw is very oceany and salty and we can definitely pick up the grassy and sandy notes. I'm curious with how the sage and fir balsam interact with the summery notes while burning. Jonathan Adler candles tend to be highly fragrant.

      Aquiesse Shoreline is a newer candle for us and it's been a huge hit. It is a summery scent with a strong floral accord, not overly ocean. We love the way Aquiesse candles burn - very clean and even. This scent was very fragrant and lovely.

      The Pacifica candle by Archipelago Botanicals blends ylang-ylang, cedar and sea greens. It's a romantic summer scent - delicate and pure. It reminds me of when I was young, enjoying the beach a night when the heat of the sun is gone, the day relaxes, and the beach grass sways in the dunes while salty air swirls around me.

      Recently Voluspa launched their new Maison Blanc Collection which includes their Laguna fragrance. Voluspa Laguna has been an instant addiction for many. This summer scent has a strong floral accord. Freesia blends with warm air and sand to create a magical summer scent. Laguna is available in an adorable 2-wick tin, giant 12oz candlepot that last 100 hours, a ceramic candle that everyone has been raving about and a room & body spray. Voluspa candles burn cleanly and beautifully. This scent is very fragrant.

      The last three fragrances are candles that have ocean names or ocean descriptions but don't smell like the ocean at all.

      Vie Luxe Cote D'Azur is a beautiful, sweet floral fragrance but not at all like the ocean. The
      watery lily adds a nice water accord but freesia, pink rose and french verbena dominate this candle.

      The Ocean candle by Red Flower blends mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. For us, this scent comes across as eucalyptus. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would cover my face in Noxzema to take the sting out of a brutal sunburn. Red Flower Ocean has that same cooling, soothing effect, but doesn't smell at all like the ocean or water. Ocean burns beautifully as the colorful wax liquefies while burning and it is available in a 6oz and 1.5oz candle.

      The Le Cherche Midi 01 candle doesn't have an ocean name, but the description reads "It brings to life a tranquil ocean-side retreat where swaying beach grass, sun-dried driftwood, and summer herbs stir thoughts of sunset walks with family and friends." This candle blends lemon, bergamot, lavender and night blooming jasmine to create the most gorgeous cologne-like fragrance. Le Cherche Midi is an amazing and addicting scent that works well in any season, not just summer.

      Hope you find the perfect ocean scent for you to languish in during the hot, steamy days of summer.

      Monday, May 18, 2009

      The Main Event Episode 48 What's Hot Now? 5/10/09

      What's Hot Now? This episode covers the best selling fragrance for the week of 5/10/09 at Candles Off Main in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland and at to give you inspiration on new fragrances to try.

      1. Lampe Berger Amber Powder fragrance oil - removes odors
      2. Way Out Wax Clean Air candle - removes odors
      3. Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose candle
      4. Votivo Sumatra Lemongrass candle
      5. Red Flower French Lavender candle

      Question of the Day: What do you think will be the best-selling fragrance this week? Post your response here or on Twitter at or on our Facebook fan page at

      If you have a suggestion for a show, please let us know! We're always looking for inspiration.

      Thursday, May 7, 2009

      The Main Event Episode 46 Best Sellers

      We thought we'd do a show on what people love. Here's a list of the top selling candles. Most of these candles are not only our best-sellers, but the best selling candles nationwide.

      Tocca Grace - a gorgeous, and very fragrant, Casablanca lily scent.

      Nest Bamboo - Slatkin's are know for their jasmine. Harry Slatkin had a national best selling candle, Bamboo & Jasmine, with his Slatkin & Co Classic Collection candle line. Now Laura Slatkin is setting records with Nest Fragrances Bamboo candle. This candle is available in a single wick, votive size and 3-wick candle.

      The Seda France Japanese Quince is a popular scent. It's regularly featured on the Oprah Show and it's Colin Cowie's favorite fragrance. We currently have Japanese Quince in the Pagoda candle and diffuser.

      Votivo Red Currant is one of the best selling candles available on the market. Red Currant is available in incense, diffuser, hand soap, hand lotion and candle.

      Santiago Huckleberry is one of the best selling fragrances by Voluspa. On-line it is our best-selling Voluspa scent, but in store Baltic Amber and Makassar Ebony & Peach do well.

      Trapp Orange Vanilla is one of the most popular candles nationwide. We have Trapp Orange Vanilla in a 5oz candle, diffuser, votive candle and room spray.

      Milk is the best selling scent for k. hall. The name is deceiving, it actually smells like vanilla. Think more cookies than milk. We have Milk in the 100% vegetable wax candle, diffuser, diffuser refill, bar soap, egg soap and hand lotion.

      The Rigaud Cypres candle is a classic. It's been a top seller for Rigaud since it's creation over 100 years ago. We have Rigaud Cypres in the mini, demi and standard candle sizes.

      Every candle line has it's stand-out fragrance. These fragrances are tops in their lines. If you're looking for a gift and you're not sure what to get, try one of these!

      Tuesday, April 21, 2009

      The Main Event Episode 40 Water & Ocean Candles

      Since there are so many water and ocean scents to choose from we thought it would be fun to do a show comparing all the options. Some of the scents are more floral and some are more "salty". Some smell like tap water and others more like linen. Watch the video and see what you like! We didn't select any diffusers or Lampe Berger fragrance oils for this show that have an ocean scent but we do have a few in stock.

      Here's what we took a look at:
      Red Flower Ocean: red mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. This candle actually smells like Noxima. It comes across as more of a eucalyptus/spa-like scent than ocean. It's a beautiful and refreshing scent, but the least like the actual ocean. Vegetable wax. Large: 45-50 hours $34. Small: 15 hours $12.

      Anthousa Okeanos: sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover blend and ozonic sea notes. The Anthousa Okeanos candle smells much more salty than the diffuser. It smells a lot like the ocean. Soft and delicate with a pale blue wax in a beautiful, seaglass-like, hand-cut tumbler. Vegetable wax. 40 hours $38

      Voluspa Del Mar: crisp kelp and sweet ocean air. This candle smells a lot like the ocean and the reusable, apothecary jar is nice. This is a favorite ocean scent in the shop by most of our customers. Food & cosmetic grade paraffin wax. 40 hours $19

      Archipelago Botanicals Pacifica: ylang-ylang, cedar and sea greens. This is a nice, soft ocean scent. Slightly floral. Soy wax. 60 hours $25

      Paddywax Mediterranean Rosemary & Citrus: rosemary, grapefruit, amber. This is a very soft, summer-like scent. Not extremely ocean, but does smell like water and the beach. This is a great "background" scent - it will not overwhelm a room. Soy wax. 50 hours $17

      Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Ocean: ocean notes of sea moss, sand grains, sage, fir balsam. This is one of the candles that smells the most like the ocean and it's one of our best-selling ocean scents. Fine grade paraffin wax. 50 hours $38

      Votivo White Ocean Sands: This is a new fragrance for Votivo. It's a very ocean/beachy scent. Slightly subtle when cold but Votivo tends to be highly fragrant. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

      Votivo Mountain Springwater: This is a water scent that leans towards linen and slightly floral. It's a fresh clean scent. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

      Trapp Water: fresh aquatic notes. This candle smells like tap water. If you're looking for a pure, just water scent, this is it. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

      Trapp Ocean Marine: oceanic, aquatic notes, cassis. This fragrance has a lot more character than the Trapp water scent, but it's not quite ocean. It's more floral and "perfumy" than salty or beachy. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

      All prices as of April 2009 and subject to change.

      What's your favorite lake or ocean-side spot?

      Monday, February 23, 2009

      The Main Event Episode 17 Trapp Diffusers

      Trapp recently launched new fragrance diffusers. We currently have the Trapp Orange/Vanilla, Wild Currant and Bob's Flower Shoppe diffusers in stock. The following fragrances by Trapp are now available in reed diffusers: Fresh Cut Tuberose, Lemongrass Verbena, Mediterranean Fig, Water, Lavender de Provence, Sexy Cinnamon and Jasmine Gardenia. If you are interested in any other fragrances that we do not currently stock, please email or call us at 1-866-786-1043 and we'd be happy to order it for you. The diffuser kit includes a frosted vase, 8oz bottle of fragrnace oil and reeds for $43.

      The new Trapp diffusers last approximately 6 months and refills with reeds are available for $35 each.