The Best Fresh-Cut Flower Candle - Trapp Bob's Flower Shoppe

There's nothing like the smell of fresh cut flowers. The scent is filled with life, hope and joy. While there are a lot of floral candles on the market, nothing that captures this aroma better that Bob's Flower Shoppe by Trapp candles.

The candle was inspired the inside a flower cooler owned by local florist, Bob Trapp. A talented perfumer was challenged to capture the essence of the space and transform it into a home fragrance.  The perfumer used head space technology to mimic every note including dewy, freshly-cut stems, various florals, and a cool environment. The notes were blended to create the beautiful and accurate fragrance known as Bob’s Flower Shoppe.

Have you tried the Trapp Bob's Flower Shopped candle?


  1. One of my two favorite Trapp scents!! Now they just need a scent that smells like a perfume store!

    1. That would be fabulous! Great suggestion. What is your other favorite Trapp fragrance?

    2. Sexy Cinnamon. I got the reed diffusers for that scent and I keep it at my desk at work.


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