The Main Event Episode 17 Trapp Diffusers

Trapp recently launched new fragrance diffusers. We currently have the Trapp Orange/Vanilla, Wild Currant and Bob's Flower Shoppe diffusers in stock. The following fragrances by Trapp are now available in reed diffusers: Fresh Cut Tuberose, Lemongrass Verbena, Mediterranean Fig, Water, Lavender de Provence, Sexy Cinnamon and Jasmine Gardenia. If you are interested in any other fragrances that we do not currently stock, please email or call us at 1-866-786-1043 and we'd be happy to order it for you. The diffuser kit includes a frosted vase, 8oz bottle of fragrnace oil and reeds for $43.

The new Trapp diffusers last approximately 6 months and refills with reeds are available for $35 each.