How to Change a Lampe Berger Fragrance

One of the most common questions we get from Lampe Berger owners is how to switch from one fragrance to another. Some Lampe Berger fragrances blend nicely so you can be sloppy switching from citrus to citrus or even blending scents. For example, I like being really sloppy switching from Grapefruit to Lavender to Eucalyptus to get a nice spa blend. You can do this with many different scents, however, some don't mix well at all such as Orange Cinnamon and Ocean Breeze.

If you're not sure how to change the fragrance oil in your Lampe Berger lamp here are 3 strategies for you.

Option #1: Change the Wick
If you like to switch between different Lampe Berger fragrance oil often, say Orange Cinnamon and Ocean Breeze, the first thing you can do is have 2 different wick burners. Use one wick for Orange Cinnamon (and other sweet or gourmand fragrances) and the other for Ocean Breeze (and other fresh fragrances). Wait until the lamp is empty or empty the lamp before adding the new fragrance. Keep the wick that is not in use in a zip lock bag labeled with the type of fragrance (such as fresh or gourmand) and use the appropriate wick when you change the fragrance. This way, you can continue to make use of the same lamp while quickly changing between 2 different types of fragrances.

Option #2: Get different lamps for different fragrances
If you switch between 2 different fragrances frequently, the next step is to get 2 or more  lamps - one for each type of fragrance. For example, I have a Lampe Berger lamp in my kitchen for citrus scents to keep the kitchen smelling clean and fresh, a lamp in my living room for floral fragrances and a lamp upstairs for more relaxing, warm woody scents. The fragrances layer really nicely together so you can enjoy them all at the same time or use whatever lamp has the fragrance you desire at the time. Dedicate one lamp for each type of fragrance you enjoy (citrus, floral, gourmand, wood and fresh). Typically the fragrances blend really nicely within each category so you can switch fragrances in the same lamp easily (Grapefruit to Citrus Leaves in one lamp and Orange Cinnamon to Southern Vanilla in another, for example).

Option #3: Use Neutral Oil between fragrances
If you want to use the same lamp and same wick use Lampe Berger Neutral oil in between to keep the different fragrances separate.This option is also really helpful if you want to remove the previous fragrance completely because you didn't enjoy the fragrance at all.

Wait until the lamp is empty (or empty the lamp) and add just a little bit of Neutral fragrance oil. Let the lamp burn out completely and continue to add just a little bit of Neutral at a time and continue this cycle as often as necessary until the previous fragrance is completely gone from the lamp and wick. The reason why you only want to add a little at a time is because the Neutral oil will be "tainted" from the previous oil and you don't want to use up more Neutral than necessary to remove the fragrance from the lamp and wick.

Neutral is also great between fragrances to help maintain the efficiency of your wick. It unclogs the wick and keeps it burning at peak efficiency for better scent throw and extend the life of the wick. Neutral can also be used to soften any Lampe Berger fragrance. You can fill your lamp 1/2 with Neutral and 1/2 with fragrance oil or any ratio that suits you. Sometimes even just a tablespoon of fragrance oil and the rest Neutral is enough depending on the scent, the size of your space and your preference.

How many different Lampe Berger lamps do you have? How do you switch between fragrances? Feel free to share your suggestions below.


  1. I'm so glad to read a review of this new fragrance. I adore Amazing Grace but am not that crazy about the other philosophy scents so I'm delighted there is another one to choose from. Great review!


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