Thymes Wildwood Collection

Thymes recently refreshed their new Wildwood Collection with warm packaging and two new fragrances. 

The collection still features its best selling fragrance from last year, Bitter Orange & CedarThis fragrance captures the deep enchantment of the forest as it gently smolders with sweet herbs, rare spices and resinous sap.  If you remember the Royal Pomander fragrance from a few years back, you'll find familiarity with this blend.  Bitter Orange & Cedar is great for lovers of dark, earthy fragrances with hints of patchouli.

Our favorite new fragrance in this collection is Brandied Pumpkin & Chestnut.  It is subtle and sumptuous with the warmth of brandied pumpkin, comforting spices, honeyed amber and ancient woods.  One of the base notes really calls out to me.  Maybe sandalwood?  Or vetiver?  This candle reminds me of a good hot toddy - warm and comforting.  It isn't overly pumpkin so can be enjoyed from early September through April. 

Blue Spruce & Elderberry rounds out this collection with it's invigorating freshness of forest air.  The herbs and spices in this blend give it a lovely warmth.  I love woodsy fragrances and the cold throw on this is fantastic.  I'd love for it to translate more while burning.  I'll give it another try when I don't have all the doors and windows open.  Let me know what your experience has been.

I miss the Magnolia, Fig & Vetiver fragrance they had in the collection last year.  Personally, that was my favorite in the bunch.  Hopefully they'll bring back as an even better version of it when they extend the line into spring/summer.   hint.  hint;)

If Thymes does extend the collection into spring/summer, what fragrances would you love for them to include?


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