DayNa Decker Bardou Chandel

The DayNa Decker Bardou chandel is a blend of pink peppercorn, fresh greens, wild rose, pink peony, cardamom and redwood. 

The wild rose and pink peony compliment each other beautifully in this fragrance offering a delicate and feminine quality - like an elegant grandmother.  This soft side is in direct contrast to the jumpy pink peppercorn and cardamom that make the scent very lively and peppy - like grand-kids that can't settle down. I love the redwood base offering a masculine side.  Like a stout grandfather that offers a quiet, solid support but doesn't interfere with the activities.

Here's my image map of this fragrance:

This is a very stimulating rose scent. Not overly floral and definitely not heady.   If you're looking for something vibrant and slightly peppery/pungent - this is it.  DayNa Decker Bardou is available in a candle and diffuser.

Burn quality 3/5. Fragrance intensity 2/5.

DayNa Decker Botanika candles are made with a creamy wax and organic Eco Wood wick. DayNa Decker candles used the influence of fresh botanicals to celebrate the beauty of nature as a true inspiration. Through the use of a woodwick, the DayNa Decker chandel (candle) can be enjoyed through sight, sound and scent for a multisensory experience.