Belle Fleur Velvet Santal Candle

If you’ve ever taken a rose petal and rubbed it between your fingers or gently stroked the back of your hand with it, its soft velvety texture is beyond luxurious. Inspired by the sensuality of the rose petal itself, we’ve translated this sultriness into an ultra-smooth, alluring rose sandalwood fragrance. Expect Velvet Santal to sing in that sexy, satiny voice - the one that will make you wish the night would never end. 

Belle Fleur describes their Velvet Santal candle as sultry, sensual and exotic.  For me it is more spicy, stimulating and curious.  I know exactly what they are talking about when they describe the velvety feel of a rose petal, but this fragrance is not that smooth.  It has a sharp, almost pungent, angle as cardamom is the first thing that jumps out.  Some people really love cardamom, but for me, it's like tickling.  Fun at first but then very annoying, very quickly, and it can't stop fast enough.  Here's list of the fragrance notes:
  • Top Notes: Broom, Cardamom, Plum 
  • Middle Notes: Turkish Rose Absolute, Magnolia, Peony
  • Base Notes: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver
I wish this fragrance was stronger in sandalwood as customers love sandalwood. There's nothing better than a sexy sandalwood scent and they are so hard to find.  If you like cardamom and spicy scents, this one is for you.  For me I'd remove the cardamom, swap vanilla orchid for the vanilla, add a second rose note, swap kyara wood for the vetiver, add a touch of caramel and crank up the volume on the sandalwood.  But that's just me.  What would you change, if anything?

This candle burned beautifully and was highly fragrant.  The wax is silky smooth and the packaging on the Belle Fleur Rose Collection is stunning.  These candles make a beautiful gift for any rose lover.

Burn quality 4.9/5  Fragrance intensity 4.5/5