I Can Smell This Photo

I found this photo on Pinterest the other day and I could instantly smell it.  Fresh, clean, pure.  Immediately Lichen & Vetiver by Voluspa came to mind.  Before I smelled Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver, I imagined something very earthy, like Moss by K. Hall or woody like ODIN 03 Century

Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver is the exact opposite of that, though.  Think clean air like you would find in a virgin forest.  If you've never experienced it, just over the Golden Gate Bridge drive deep into Muir Woods.  Stand amoungst the towering redwoods and you'll know what I mean.  Air so pure you want to bottle it and bring it home.  It's the most zen-like atmosphere I've ever experienced.  Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver is clean like that.  Pure air. 

Many times when I ask a customer what fragrance they are looking for they say "something clean".  That can mean so many different things.  Bright citrus like Aura Clairvoyant.  Fresh linen like K. Hall Washed Cotton or Votivo Clean Crisp White.  Clear water like Trapp Water or Thymes Naia

It's tough to find a clean scent that smells like pure air.  Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver nailed it. 

What type of clean scent do you like?


  1. O my gosh, sold! I love that picture, too. My favorite "clean" scent has to be L'Artisan Traversee du Bosphore (perfume AND candles). It's rich, jammy and sweet, but there's a very unique clean, almost soapy aspect to it that I love, love, love.

    1. Traversee du Bosphore sounds amazing. I'll have to check it out the next time we're in NYC. I love L'Artisan candles.


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