Vivacious Violet

Guest post by Caitlin Feener

Something that is considered vivid can be full of life, strikingly bright or intense, and might even produce powerful feelings and clear images in the mind. Violet is vivid—a fragrance that can have a fantastic effect on the senses.

An extraordinarily versatile scent, violet is deep, complex, and enticing. It blends seamlessly with so many other notes, from fruity to spicy, and each combination discovers and exposes violet in a whole new way. No two violet blends that I have come across have mirrored one another, yet at the same time, violet is always the star of the show in its own unique way.

Votivo Morning Violet. Full of Life.
Morning Violet is a refreshing breeze on a carefree warm day, the crisp beautiful memories of pure violet floating in the wind while you run through fresh green grass and breathe in the sweet scents of summer all around you. Parma and Victoria violet are enhanced with notes of sweet pears, leafy greens, and powdered iris, and are rounded out with the flawless exotic touch of amber and guaiacwood. Morning Violet captures the essence of feeling alive—a calm reminder to pause every now and then and make sure to smell the flowers.

Anthousa Violet & Black Currant. Strikingly Bright and Intense.
Elegant Violet & Black Currant is like nectar, juicy enough to turn even the coldest day into a seductively sweet soiree. Spend the evening with Violet & Black Currant and embrace your inner goddess, sipping fragrant dessert wine while marveling at the stars in the bold black sky. A fruity floral blend of red rasberry, Valencia orange, tart black currant, fresh Macintosh apples, and peach nectar meet the bright floral notes of pink jasmine, red geranium, and purple violet to create an intense feeling of sugary sweet clarity.

Odin 04 Petrana. Powerful Feelings and Clear Images in the Mind.
Petrana is the dark side of violet, a sultry symphony of mystery and mystique. The violet is the calm before the storm, as your sense are quickly engulfed into the tantalizing world of exotic spices and the thrill of exploring a strange, new environment that is far away from home. Transported to a Jordanian desert landscape covered in blooming black iris, Petrana emerges from a foundation of wild orris root and green violet leaf absolute, swirling with herbaceous coriander, spicy pink pepper, and deep purple cassis.

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  1. Love it Caitlin! Thorough yet fancy ;)

  2. Ryan Patrick KelleyApril 18, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    Caitlin, you make me want to buy all of these candles! You have the magic in you!!! So cool!! :)))) YAY!!


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