Rise and Shine!

It's one of those mornings where I'm slow to get going. I'm feeling groggy and my eyes don't want to open all the way. It's times like this when I like to start the day with a bright fragrance - something strong and bold.

Most days I make a hot cup of tea and reach for my Aura Clairvoyant candle. It's simple and pungent citrus melange is just the wake up I need. Clairvoyant is a blend of yuzu grapefruit, cassis, orange and rose geranium. I love the way Aura candles burn - clean and easy. I like that no-fuss-no-muss option, especially early in the morning. Aura Clairvoyant is also a wake-up call for the house getting rid of all the stale air from the day before and creating a clean slate for the new day.

The other candle I love when I need a shot of caffeine-fragrance is the Lafco Office candle. The bright green container alone is enough to open my eyes. It's the most brilliant chartruese green. Office is a blend of three of my most favorite invigorating fragrances: eucalyptus, rosemary and wild mint. This fragrance comes alive when burning. It screams not only "Wake up" but also "Make the most of your day!". I love the beautiful glow on the Lafco candles illuminating the oversized, hand-blown glass vessel.

Another fresh fragrance is the Nest Grapefruit candle - a blend of Pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green nuances with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. I love this fresh zesty scent with a hint of floral. Nest candles are crazy fragrant! If you need someone to scream in your ear to wake you up, this is your fragrance equivalent. The soft floral accent makes this fragrance a great choice anytime you want something strong and vibrant to breathe life into the room.

What helps you wake up in the morning? Have you ever tried using fragrances to help start your day? This is a new habit for me that I am really enjoying. I'd love to hear what works for you.


  1. I haven't used candles as part of a wake-up routine, but I definitely used specifically scented products in the shower in the morning - particularly mint and grapefruit. I will have to try using candles also - and the Lafco Office and Nest candles sounds like the perfect ones. Any other suggestions for mint/fresh/green candles?

  2. Hi Beth - Jonathan Adler Capri Sunshine is bright and vibrant http://www.candlesoffmain.com/jonathan-adler-capri-candle.aspx

    Also just about any DayNa Decker fragrance comes alive as soon as you light it. Great for making the room clean and fresh. Leila is great. http://www.candlesoffmain.com/dayna-decker-leila-6oz-candle.aspx

    Hope that helps!

  3. I wish I could burn candles to wake me up in the morning :( If my office would allow candles, I would have something burning in the morning, 24/7! My morning routine is a tornado of arms, clothes, and hair—I don't even have time to get coffee until later in the day. Maybe I'll try this on the weekend when I have more time :)


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