Why You Shouldn't Blow Out Candles

Before opening our candle store, I used to blow out our candles or use a snuffer and then quickly vacate the room to avoid the billowing smoke.  I didn't know there was any other option.

Now I cringe when others blow out candles.  Here's why:
  1. If you blow out taper candles, the wax can spray all over the table (and for over zealous people, all over the room) causing a messy clean up.
  2. Blowing out candles created substantial smoke. (Some people like that smell.  I'm not one of them.)
  3. For candles in a container, blowing out candles can push the wick down into the wax.  When the wax solidifies, the wick is buried (see photo above) and can get damaged when dug out.
  4. Blowing a candle out in a container can create substantial soot on the container.  

None of these consequences are pretty.  That's why now I always use a wick snuffer/tweezer to extinguish our candles.  I dip the snuffer/tweezer down into the wax just beneath the surface and gently draw it up pinching the wick until the flame is extinguished.  (Be careful to not pull the wick out of the candle.)  This helps in several ways:

  1. It coats the wick with melted wax to help it stay upright so it doesn't flop down and get buried in the wax.
  2. Coating the wick with wax helps the candle relight easier.
  3. It cleans any fragrance bloom (mushroom) off the top of the wick for a cleaner look when the candle is not in use.
  4. Candle tweezers can be used on container candles as well as tapers and pillar candles.
  5. It extinguishes the candle without any soot or smoke at all!!  This is my favorite benefit.
What's your favorite way to extinguish candles?