Sandalwood and Vanilla Goes Together Like Ross and Rachel

I love the combination of sandalwood and vanilla. They balance and compliment each other like yin and yang, masculine and feminine.

Earlier this year Tocca launched Colette - a very sensual, romantic blend of sandalwood and vanilla. Colette is alluring and mysterious. The fragrance leans towards feminine, like the scent a woman leaves on a pillow. Sexy and soft. Colette is like the beginning of a relationship when you can't get enough of each other. It taunts you and tempts you and you want more just as you want more from your new lover - more time, more intimacy. Tocca Colette is a seamless fragrance for when everything is seductive and exhilarating.

As the honeymoon subsides, along come Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille -a cozy, soothing blend. The balance between masculine/feminine is equal in the blend. As you settle into your routines, things become comfortable and Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanilla is just as relaxed as you. It's like a big, warm blanket to surround you as you spend quiet nights at home. You can cuddle with this fragrance and feel loved as it's earthy sweet blend envelopes you.

Then comes Aura Luscious. This fragrance is like a big bear hug. It grabs you and holds you tight and let's you know that no matter how bad it seems, everything is going to be alright. This warm and exotic blend is the most bold of the three. It leans more towards masculine and has a strong grip to it. When your love lets you down, and they will, Aura Luscious guards and protects you. During rough times, Aura Luscious offers the strength to press on.

Sandalwood and Vanilla go together like Ross and Rachel. Tocca Colette for the romantic, sensual moments when enough is never enough. Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille the most relaxed and cuddly moments when things are smooth and comfortable and you're the best of friends. Then Aura Luscious for when "We were on a break!" to hold you tight through the rough times.


  1. I love Aura they are the greatest,,,there my comment!!! Sue and vanna are the best!

  2. Tocca's Colette is divine. My favorite scent they have come out with...EVER! Gorgeous.

    Aura Cosmic is amazing. Such a HAPPY scent! :)


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