Thymes Indigenous Collection

The Thymes Indigenous Collection features rare and original fragrances rooted in diverse cultures and exotic locales from around the world.

Thymes Anjou VertThe Anjou Vert fragrance was inspired by the French countryside. It blends Anjou pears, rosebud petals, lilac and cyclamen blossoms with ginger, cinnamon and clove. The floral accents and spices compliment the pear. This is a very strong pear, sweet, fruity fragrance.
Thymes Blue Lotus is a very watery fragrance, great for gift-giving or for a fresh, easy-breezy scent. The inspiration for Blue Lotus comes from the Nile where arid land is transformed into a lush landscape. This fragrance blends blue lotus and water lily with amber and sheer, white musk. It is a light, simple scent that easily pleases.

I did a whole blog post on Thymes Malagasy Vanille - I love the scent so much. Malagasy Vanille is a great soothing scent. It blends Madagascar vanilla, creamy sandalwood, cinnamon bark, golden amber, bergamot, ylang and velvet musk. It warms me inside like a nice, hot toddy.

Tamarind Lychee blends white grapefruit, tamarind, lychee blossom and yuzu with ginger and smooth, creamy coconut milk. This is the most zesty fragrance in the group with yuzu and grapefruit coming across the most.

Neroli Blossom is a floral blend of neroli, gardenia and jasmine blossoms touched with vanilla. This is the most floral fragrance in the Thymes Indigenous Collection.

Thymes White Persimmon White Persimmon is a very fruity blend of white nectarine, pears, peaches, guava and sweet persimmons with a touch of vanilla. This is the most sweet/fruity candle in the Thymes Indigenous Collection.

Verbena Bamboo is a blend of tangelos, verbena, pamplemousse, peony and blue freesia against a backdrop of rare woods. The strongest scent in this candle is the verbena - coming across like a grassy lemon - very fresh and perfect for the kitchen.

These 9oz candles have a burn time of approximately 40 hours. Thymes candles burn cleanly and easily.