How Votivo Fragrances are Created

Trey Rollins, the Brand Manager for Votivo, starts all new fragrances with inspiration. Inspiration can come from his experiences, fragrance trends, voids in the current Votivo offering, and from other fragrances such as perfumes.

Trey creates a vision in his head of what he would like the new fragrance to resemble. He gathers pictures, photos and descriptions and creates a Fragrance Brief. The brief is submitted to the Votivo perfumer, Mike. Mike is IFF trained and he is also trained in Aromo Chemicals so he not only knows how to create a fragrance but also how the fragrance will react in the product.

Votivo has over 1,000 compounds in their library and they use, on average, 100 compounds to create a Votivo fragrance. Once the fragrance is created, it is submitted to the Votivo fragrance panel for review. There are approximately 25 people on the panel that rate the fragrance on a scale of 1 to 5. The fragrance has to score a 4 or higher overall to make it into the Votivo Collection.


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