Surrounded by Scent

I usually just use one candle at a time, at night after the kids have gone to bed. We pick a fragrance based on how we're feeling and the weather. Sometimes I'll be a little more adventurous and layer fragrances, typically with Red Flower candles, because there's no guesswork - you really can't create a bad combination with Red Flower.

Today, though, I've decided to surround myself in one scent. A few months after we opened our shop, I had a customer that bought 2 large candles and several small votives, all in the same scent. I couldn't figure out why you would want so many candles in the same fragrance, so I asked her. She said she liked to scatter the scent and light around the room. I loved that idea! Especially helpful in larger spaces or to create a nice ambiance.

Now I am faced with the dreaded task of organizing my tax paperwork. I loath tax time and have procrastinated as long as I can. The job must be done. I rummaged through our cabinet and found six Fig Leaf & Bitter Almond candles by Anthousa. I love the soft, relaxing scent and the way the light flickers through the frosted glass. It won't make my task more fun, but at least it will make the time more enjoyable.

If you are you expecting a tax refund, will you splurge on anything fun? I'd love a tub if I could.