The Main Event Episode 60 Tocca Summer Scents

Each summer Tocca used to launch a summer fragrance. They skipped this year, so we thought we'd give an overview of all the Tocca Summer scents.

Tahiti has a taire flower fragrance that comes across as a sweet floral. The coconut comes through as vanilla.

Portofino has a wintersweet scent that comes across as a light, feminine floral with a hint of lily.

Montauk has a fresh bamboo sea grass scent with a hint of mint for a light, summer scent.

Bali is a slightly sweet floral with hints of vanilla and gardenia.

Isabella has a fresh watermelon scent. Not too sweet, more like when you snap the rind of a watermelon and get that fresh, watery, slighly sweet scent.

Question of the Day: Where is your favorite summer escape?