The Main Event Episode 36 Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom

Dahlia Orange Bloom is one of the 4 new fragrances in the Voluspa Spring/Summer Seasons Collection. Dahlia Orange Bloom is a blend of clementine, Mexican neroli orange blossom, organic lemon peel from California and patchouli from Indonesia. The fragrance is very earthy/incense-y - not floral or citrus-y.

Voluspa's Dahlia Orange Blossom is available in many different shapes and sizes. The 10oz candlepot lasts 85 hours. The 5oz jar candle lasts 45 hours. The most popular size is the 3-wick tin that lasts 80 hours. The diffuser provides a constant fragrance for approximately 6 months.

QOTD: Do you have a fruit tree in your yard?