The Main Event Episode 34 Anthousa Bougainvillea

Anthousa recently brought their Bougainvillea 1768 fragrance into the core collection and relaunched the diffuser with a candle. The Bougainvillea fragrance is a blend of bougainvillea honeysuckle, lotus blossom, gardenia and jasmine. It's a nice, fresh floral blend.

Anthousa's diffusers last approximately 6-9 months. Anthousa reformulated their fragrances so that it is not necessary to flip the reeds to freshen the scent. However, if you do find the fragrances to be too soft, simply flip a few of the reeds every few days or all the reeds everyday. The oil eventually evaporates over time and will evaporate quicker based on how many reeds you flip and how often you flip them.

Anthousa's candles are made with 100% vegetable wax and they burn beautifully in exclusive, frosted Italian tumblers. When the candle is finished, the glass washes out easily with soap and water and can be reused as a bud vase or votive holder.