The Main Event Episode 28 Lavender Candles

Lavender has such a strong appeal since it is a very calming, relaxing scent. Many of the lines we carry have their take on lavender and in this episode we compare the different options available.

Anthousa makes a Lavender & Chinese May Chang diffuser that is based on Chinese aromatherapy. The lavender scent is very calming, while citrus is uplifting, so the overall effect is a very balancing fragrance.

Red Flower is my favorite line for a true flower scent. Their 60z petal-topped french lavender candle lasts 45-50 hours and the little french lavender candle lasts 15 hours.

Paddywax makes a Lavender candle that is blended with ylang ylang and clary sage. This soy wax candle lasts 60 hours and is a muted, subtle lavender scent. Jonathan Adler also makes a muted lavender candle called Aix en Provence.

k. hall makes a beautiful, simple Lavender made with vegetable wax and it lasts 60 hours. This candle is similar to red flower's lavender as they are both based on essential oils. k. hall also makes a lavender diffuser and bar soap.

Votivo has many lavender candles to choose from. Their Lavender Chamomile Pear candle is a nice, refreshing blend. Lavender Fields is very soft and muted. The St. Germain Lavender candle is the most pronounced in the bunch from Votivo.

A Scent of Scandal makes a nice, simple-scented lavender candle called Sleep Around. This lavender tends to be a hit with customers and it's made with 100% soy wax.

Voluspa makes a French Cade (wood) & Lavender candle that also has verbena and moss. This candle is more woody/green than lavender. It has a subtle lavender scent to it, but is such a blend that if you are looking for a true lavender candle, this would not be a good bet for you. Voluspa's 3-wick tins last 80 hours.

Aromatherapy Interventions makes a Chill Out candle that is a blend of lavender and ylang ylang. It has a strong citrus scent to it, more so lavender, but it's a pretty scent and sells well for us. This candle, and the lavender diffuser by Anthousa, are the only two lavender products we have in stock that were specifically blended for aromatherapy purposes.