The Main Event Episode 24 Gardenia Candles

Gardenia is such a beautiful fragrance that we though we'd show you the variety of different gardenia candles available. Seda France makes a popular Elegant Gardenia candle. It is a simple gardenia fragrance much like the flower. The Feu de Touch candle by Tocca is similar in scent. Anthousa's White Gardenia candle is a little more muted but still very beautiful. The White Gardenia scent by Anthousa is also available in a diffuser. The Rigaud Gardenia candle is the most "perfumy" and frilly of all the options shown. This candle has a strong following with Rigaud fans. Voluspa's Yashioka Gardenia is a blend of Yashioka gardenia petals, Tunisian clove, tuberose and Himalayan cedar. While it's a blend, it is well loved. The Champaca Bloom & Fern candle by Voluspa also has gardenia as well as champaca blooms, fresh fern leaf and muget. The Spanish Gardenia candle by red flower is the most true gardenia scent in the store. red flower does an amazing job at capturing the scent of the flower so it smells like actual blooms in the room. It's nice to have such a fantastic selection of such a beautiful fragrance. Enjoy!