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NEST Linen: Luxurious, Fresh Fragrance

When NEST introduces a fragrance, it is kind of a big deal. For weeks now, we’ve been quite excited about introducing NEST Linen to you. Upon first impression, you might not recognize this delicate fragrance as a ‘linen’ scent. NEST Linen is not overly saturated with notes of cotton, but rather is refreshingly crisp.

In our view, this fragrance represents notes of a linen or textile that has been sun-dried, versus machine dried. After several minutes of experiencing this new NEST scent, we are sure you’ll pick up on several subtle floral notes, including apple blossom and white orchid.  NEST Linen, available in 3 candle sizes and a reed diffuser, is best described as a textile that has absorbed the nuances of a summer day after blowing in a breeze for hours. Elements of nature— florals, greens, fresh air, are all captured in this linen fragrance, surely making it a NEST classic for years ahead.