Tree Scented Candles for the Holidays

The most popular fragrance during the holidays is definitely that of the classic Christmas tree. Whether you have a live tree or artificial, it's impossible to get too much of this vibrant and inspiring scent. Tree fragrances have quite a wide range of scent. Here are different types of tree fragrances to try depending on the mood you want to create.

Earthy Tree Fragrances

These tree scented candles are earthy and grounding creating a relaxed atmosphere. Since these fragrances don't scream "Christmas Tree!" they can be enjoyed from September all the way to the end of April. I even enjoy some of these on rainy days in the summer.
Votivo Icy Blue Pine
A potent powerful punch of prickly pine pleasure with the underpinnings of sweet and spicy stripped cedar bark topped with merry crumbles of crystallized, ice cubes the suspended delight of wintery wonderland adventure. 
I love this blend by Votivo. The sweet pine sap gives it a richness and the cedar bark gives it a bit of an edge that makes it so Votivo. There's just enough green notes to remind you of Christmas but not get sick of it. Perfectly balanced.
Lafco Tree
Fir and pine with a touch of balsam, birch and citrus for a true to life scent that recalls those freshly cut holiday evergreens.
This fragrance is more earthy than vibrant. The pine and balsam notes add a depth, weight and woodiness to make a full fragrance. The handblown jar can be saved for use as a pen or makeup brush holder. This over-sized candle lasts approximately 100 hours.
Aquiesse Monterey Pine
The crisp scent of frosted Evergreen pines, Canadian balsam wood and fresh thyme, evoking a snowy journey through a verdant forest glen.
I love the herbal tones in this fragrance that create an earthy, relaxing scent that can be enjoyed for many months. The glass lid works as a base while the candle is in use and a lid when not in use to keep dirt and dust out. When the candle is complete, the vessel can be used to store coins, jewelry...
K. Hall Siberian Fir
A rich, sweet scent with a blend of Siberian fir and balsam - a great winter escape!
This fragrance smells like the entire Christmas tree stuffed in the back of the car - sweet sap, fresh cut wood and crisp green needs for a well balanced scent.

Sophisticated Tree Fragrances

Not too earthy, not too crisp. These fragrances offer a unique twist on your traditional tree scent.
Simpatico Scotch Pine by K. Hall Designs
A warm, woodsy fragrance reminiscent of crisp winter nights. This true pine scent is known for its clarifying and uplifting properties. 
I love this hobnail glass that can be reused as a pen/pencil/makeup brush holder or flower vase. This fragrance is slightly powdery.
Voluspa Golden Cypress Sawara
Sweet cypress needles getting crunched underfoot as you walk through a green velvet floored forest in mid winter. The smell of deeply satisfying sweet sugar mixed with spicy cypress with a luxurious layer of the smell of the actual tree wood which grounds the scent creating the base. 
This fragrance comes across almost like cologne. Imagine and incredibly sexy man treking through the forest this worn jeans and a warm sweater. This fragrances is available year round.

Fresh Tree Fragrances

These tree scented candles focus on the crisp green needles to create an uplifting, invigorating fragrance. These candles are great when you want to energize the room for an atmosphere the is open and bright.
Thymes Frasier Fir
Mountain fresh with the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood.
The Thymes Frasier Fir candle is definitely the most popular tree fragrance we offer. It's credibly fresh and crisp and perfect anytime of year when you want your home to be clean and alive.
Nest Birchwood Pine
The aroma of a majestic winter forest is created by blending white pine, fir balsam and Birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber.
I love this new fragrance from Nest! This super fragrant blend is festive and energizing. Nest Birchwood Pine is the perfect compliment for your real or artificial tree.
Trapp White Fir
The Trapp White Fir candle fills your room with the refreshing, cool sensation of a winter frost. Clean, green and the fragrance only a Christmas tree brings.
This fragrance is pure and simple filling your home with the crisp scent of a forest covered in a blanket of fresh fallen snow.

 What type of tree fragrance do you enjoy for the holiday season?