Diffusers for Dorm Rooms

It's that time of year again when dorms fill up with anxious college students overflowing the room with hormones, clothes and digital paraphernalia. It's no wonder how such a small space stuffed with 2-4 kids, that rarely do laundry or clean, can eventually create a rather odorous ambiance. It's almost like a haze that fills the air.

Since most dorms ban (in theory) the burning of candles in rooms, and plug-ins can give many people headaches, diffusers become a very attractive option. While they won't get rid of the odors (sadly only cleaning or Lampe Berger lamps will do that) they do mask odors very well. Reed diffusers provide a constant fragrance with little maintenance (you can flip a few of the reeds to amplify the scent when necessary) and no worry.

For girls rooms the Votivo Red Currant and Voluspa Crisp Champagne diffusers work very well. Red Currant is bright and lively for a fresh fragrance. This uber popular scent is a fan favorite of many so the likelihood of the all the girls in the room enjoying this particular scent is extremely high. Crisp Champagne is a fragrance that is very well loved by young women and would also be a big hit with the girls. It's fun, warm and sexy with just a hint of vanilla.

For manly fragrances Archipelago Botanicals Havana and Nest Fragrances Moroccan Amber fit the bill. The Archipelago Havana diffuser is a blend of bergamot, tobacco leaf and ylang ylang for a smokey, sultry scent. The Nest Moroccan Amber diffuser is a blend of Moroccan amber, patchouli, heliotrope and bergamot with a hint of eucalyptus. This fragrance is warm and sweet and filled with spices.

Diffusers are a great way to mask odors because they provide constant fragrance. They work very well in powder rooms, basements, closets or anywhere you want it to smell nice but can't keep a constant eye on a candle.

What fragrance would you have liked in your dorm room our did you get for your child's room?

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  1. I never thought to get my daughter a diffuser for her dorm room...what a great idea! They aren't allowed to have candles in the dorms, and this is a fantastic alternative. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Love using diffusers in our college apartment. Helps mask the gross scent of "college"!


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