Ocean Candles for Summer

It's summertime so we thought we'd round up some of the best ocean scented candles with a strong salty flavor for you. If you're at the beach, these fragrances can add to the ambiance. If you can't make it to the beach, these candles will make you feel like the surf is right out your door.

One of my favorite salty scents is the Beach House (Sand and Surf) candle by LAFCO. It's exactly what a beach house smells like - swirling with salty air, sand and beach grass. I've tried a lot of ocean scents and many get overly floral. This one doesn't and it's definitely my #1 pick for an ocean scent. My Mom lives in Florida and loves this scent. It's perfect for her, and trust me, she is tough to please! Burn quality 4/5. Fragrance intensity 4.5/5.

Votivo White Ocean Sands perfectly blends the scent of both beach sand and salty ocean. This is a more rough ocean scent. It brings back memories of building sandcastles on the beach in Cape Cod - gritty sand mixed heavily with salty Atlantic ocean water to the point where the sand turns soupy. The woodsy essence reminds me of the mustiness you get on the Cape from the heavy, sticky salt air. The scent was surprisingly subtle by Votivo standards. We could smell the candle, but it wasn't overwhelming.  Burn quality: 4/5. Fragrance intensity: 3/5.

Jonathan Adler offers two candles with ocean fragrances: Shelter Island (Ocean) and Muse Bleu.  The both have the same fragrance description: fresh ocean notes of sea moss and sand grains with hints of sage and fir balsam and while we think they are the same fragrance, I get more out of the Muse Bleu candle and Dave prefers Shelter Island.  Jonathan Adler candles burn beautifully and are highly fragrant.

Linnea's Lights also offers two salty candles: Sea Salt and Ocean.  Ocean is more complex offering notes of  citrus and sea air with lush green florals and sea moss.   Overall, this is a very fragrant, fresh, clean scent and would work well anytime you want to brighten the room.  Burn quality 4.5/5. Fragrance intensity 4.5/5.  Linnea's Lights Sea Salt is more simplistic but a great straight-up salty scent.  This candle is very popular and layers well with other fragrances to turn your space into a beach-side retreat.  This would layer well with Voluspa Tuberosa di Notte, Voluspa Laguna, Voluspa Flora di Mare, Votivo Jasmine Neroli or Nest Bamboo to name a few. 

What ocean scented candle do you enjoy the most?