Facebook Top Fan May 2012 - Bonnie Jacobs

Guest Post by Bonnie Jacobs
May 2012 Facebook Top Fan

Barbecues, hammocks, and candle lanterns spring has arrived oh yes! There is nothing better than lying underneath the stars on a hammock surrounded by candles. I am one of those people that crave everything associated with tranquility and comfort and am always on the lookout for candles which evoke this type of mood.

Lafco Candles
I absolutely adore these candles. They are made with thick chunky glass and the fragrances are very soothing. I love to layer fragrances and Foyer, Ski House, and Bedroom go beautifully together.

Nest Tahiti Vanille
I just love this candle! Vanilla blended with white chocolate and a touch of rum and caramel. Yummo!

Aquiesse Boardwalk
I just love this candle as it is really fun to burn. This candle reminds me of being by the beach with the smell of waffle cones in the air.


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