Fir and Grapefruit by Barr and Co.

Barr Co. Fir and Grapefruit
With the holidays just, a short way off in the future, they’ll be here before we know it.  Sometimes it makes my head spin how quickly everything comes and goes, but one way to slow it all down and take it all in, is to light up my favorite candle and give myself a moment to reflect.  I love this time of year, the shift from warm days and nights to when that first chill in the air seems to come out of nowhere.  The air feels different, smells different and reminds us that change is once again coming.  I love the Barr-Co. Fir & Grapefruitfor this time of year because it has the brightness of the grapefruit zest, and then introduces the woodsy notes of fir oils.  It’s like having one foot still in summer and the other moving forward into the festive holiday season.  The best part is it smells incredible, don’t let the Fir throw you, this is a great year-round candle but oh so apropos to this time of year!
The vessel is a nice heavy glass tumbler and it’s a full 20 oz size.  It’s unique, not just your basic straight sided candle glass.  It looks great in the kitchen, but honestly, the simplicity of it would work great just about anywhere.  I plan to use it for make-up brushes on my bathroom vanity once the candle is gone. But until then, this is one candle I’m going to thoroughly enjoy! The cold throw is excellent, just sitting unlit gives a nice scent to my small bedroom.  The warm throw is superb, I love how it fills my entire space.  
Hand poured in small batches with a 100% natural soy and vegetable blend.  Manufacturer stated burn time: 120 hours.