2014 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Flowers, wine, chocolate and candles. It doesn't get much better than that for Valentine's Day! Roses are by far the most popular flower for Valentine's Day, so we picked two of our favorite rose candles for our 2014 Valentine's Day Gift Guide. We also selected a more unisex and super sexy scent as well as a gift set if you're looking to give something larger.

Voluspa Champagne Rose Candle
I love the new Champagne Rose fragrance by Voluspa. It's feminine, youthful and effervescent with a blend of chilled Brut rose champagne poured over cassis berries and edible white rose petals. I adore the Volupsa Vermeil Collection candles in the Corta Maison size. The light shines through the holes in the vermeil giving it a festive, magical look when burning. When the candle is done, you can wash the vessel out with mild soap and water and reuse it as a stash jar.

Lafco Fleurs de Baies Candle
If you're familiar with the best-selling Diptyque Baies candle you love Lafco Fleurs de Baies. This blend of bayberry leaves, wild roses, black currants and touches of raspberry will excite and romance you. Lafco candles are poured in a hand-blown vessel that will become a keepsake for years to come. Lafco candles are long lasting offering a burn time of almost 100 hours. 

Voluspa Moso Bamboo Candle
If you're looking for a sexy fragrance be sure to try Voluspa Moso Bamboo. This blend of moso bamboo, black musc and Japanese cypress is clean and slightly masculine. The tin candle offers nice ambiance with 3 wicks to offer just the right amount of illumination for your romantic evening. 

Voluspa Vermeil Gift Set
No one makes gifts sets quite like Voluspa and the Vermeil Collection Gift Set is no exception. This candle gift set includes 6 votive candles in an array of colors. The fragrances include
French Bourbon Vanille, Ponderosa, Chestnut & Vetiver, Clove Pomander, Branche Vermeil and Champagne Rose. Scatter the votive candles around your home to spread light and fragrance. When the candles are done the vessel can be washed out with mild soap and water and reused as a votive candle holder.

Also great for Valentine's Day:

Votivo Pink Mimosa Candle
I love the fun and fruity fragrance in the Votivo Pink Mimosa candle. Relax as you breathe in the sweet aroma of strawberries mixed with Mimosa and Vanilla Rum.  This fragrance is very warm and inviting and will make for a memorable Valentine's Day.

Red Flower Moroccan Rose Candle
Moroccan Rose is more of a spicy rose than the typical powdery or sweet rose. Slow, wet, and velvety. Created with the deeply-perfumed oils extracted from the petals of the Moroccan rose blossoms under the electric blue African sky. Remove the petals on top before you light the candle. The petals can be scattered around the room, in the tub, tucked into your Valentine's Day card, pressed for remembrance...

Let us know what you'd love to get this Valentine's Day!