Speak to Me Belle Fleur Figue Noir

Tantalizing and sexy, the twisting branches of the fig tree will expose your senses to the heady, earthy scent of fig wood and the sweet fleshy aroma of the exotic fruit it bears. With the subtle inclusion of vetiver and juniper berry, this ode to the fig groves found on the Turkish Aegean coast unites tree, fruit, earth, sky and sun together to elevate the fragrance to an inspired and provocative complexity.

I'm really growing to love fig candles, particularly Figue Noir by Belle Fleur with it's complex balance of fragrances.  The lineup is diverse - a little spicy cardamom, fruity rhubarb and strawberry, a touch of florals from cyclamen and geranium, earthy notes from juniper berries, oakmoss and vetyver, and (of course) fig. 

The combination is brilliant and the most surprising thing is that even with wide variety of notes, they all have a voice.  It's clearly a fig fragrance, yet I can hear the juniper berries talking to me and luring me in with their piquant notes.  The florals mumble in the background and there is a whisper from the strawberries and rhubarb - like the sound of kids laughing in the yard outside.  Oakmoss and vetyver sit on one shoulder lulling me to sleep while cardamom and bergamot sit on the other keeping me awake and interested. I like what you are saying, Belle Fleur Figue Noir.  Don't stop.

This fragrance is definitely tantalizing and sexy and a must try scent for any fig lover.   What does it say to you?

Fragrance intensity 3.5/5.  Burn quality 4/5.


  1. It says go drink a cup of coffee. :)

  2. wow, what a combination of fragrances indeed! since I adore fig, rhubarb, and strawberry scents, i'll have to get a sniffie sample of this one pronto!! ty for posting this!

  3. Fig candles are growing on me too! I've been surprised by how many fig blends I'm drawn to lately. Figure Noir sounds lovely.

  4. Thanks for posting, this is one of my favorites too and it was fun to create. I lived in Turkey for a few years and remember the scent of the fig groves driving along the Aegean coast in the summer. They would go for miles, it was incredible! You could literally smell the leaves, the fruit, the soil, the bark and even the sun played a factor in the ripeness. The arid air carried the scent very well too. When we conceptualized this, we wanted to make it more about the feeling the groves evoked rather than about any one thing. I was totally drawn in by the multi-sensory experience and wanted to make sure that the complexity was captured. The name itself, "Figure Noir" played on the contrast of the light arid sunny environment and the deep rich soil that bound the tree to the earth. Hope you all get to enjoy! - Tony Perez, Belle Fleur New York


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