Belle Fleur Neroli Pine - Welcome Home

If you’ve ever taken in the crisp October air of a vibrant Rocky Mountain morning, you will understand why it is considered by many to be monumentally euphoric. This sublime fragrance is structured on a contrast of woody, green, earthy accords comprised of evergreen, fir and moss, and a warm, sweet, gourmand blend of orange, vanilla and golden honey. This contrast creates a refined fluency of raw materials that speaks a magical language.

I love tree fragrances.  I appreciate the subdued woody notes from the heart of the tree as well as the more vibrant notes from the bright green needles.  Belle Fleur Neroli Pine rests comfortably in between so I'm in heaven.  What I really love about this fragrance, though, is the rather unique angle.

I've smelled all kinds of green tree fragrances. Most are fresh while some are earthy or even sweet.  I've also smelled some that are much like cologne (sexy man scent).  Neroli Pine is a warm tree fragrance - something I don't think I've come across before. 

It sits on a gourmand base of vanilla, honey and cinnamon that gives it a very welcoming and relaxing feel.  While all those notes translate in the fragrance, they don't interfere or distract from the intense, pine scent.

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This fragrance doesn't make me feel like I'm in the Rocky mountains on a crisp October day.  Instead, it reminds me of standing deep in the woods in New England on an Indian Summer day.  The forest floor is a blanket of clean, golden pine needles speckled with sunlight.  The scene is serene and warm.  This was my backyard growing up and I remember it fondly.  Belle Fleur gladly takes me back there and I'm thankful for that.


  1. I love nature scents like this. I live in the city and don't get to smell fresh nature. It would be a nice home escape because at least I can think I am somewhere else :)

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  2. The vanilla and cinnamon blended with pine sounds so enticing—I can see why you describe it as a warm tree scent—very rare indeed. I'll need to sniff this one soon.


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