Linnea's Lights Blog Contest Entry by Andrea Villarreal

Guest post by Andrea Villarreal
for Linnea's Lights Blog Contest

Linnea's Lights

I am telling you these are the BEST candles ever!!!

I first bought one in Laguna Beach at a store called Anthology. It was White Coral and I absolutely fell in love! I had it burning in my room and you could literally smell it through the whole house. The fragrance is so saturated and yummy. They also have cotton wicks and burn really cleanly. I bought a Yankee Candle at Target the other day and literally had to set it outside after blowing it out. It refused to stop smoking!!

Then at Remnants of the Past I found them at The Beautiful Life booth and they had Pumpkin! Oh my gosh I can not begin to tell you how fantastic it smelled!! It took me right back to my mom's kitchen on a Thanksgiving morning! Nostalgia:)

So now I am going to try some of their Winter scents and I found a really great website called Candles Off Main. Now in the stores they run $32-34. On the site they are all $30 with no tax. And even better FREE shipping and handling!!

They have tons of other companies as well like Archipelago Botanicals, Votivo, Modern Alchemy and about 30 others. So if you are looking for your favorite scent or looking to try something new. Check them out Candles Off Main. I ordered Lavender, Winter and Fireside:)

Have a wonderful day!