Herve Gambs Essence de Figuier Candle

I love to spend lazy afternoons wandering aimlessly through our local garden center. Acres of trees, flowers and plants scattered around like the most beautiful eye candy. Warm sun, fresh air and a soft breeze caressing me as I drink it in slowly, in quiet peace.

This past summer I remember passing by the fig trees. I didn't realized what they were at first. Their natural scent called out to me before I even saw them. I recognized that fresh, green scent and went in search to see what had my sense of smell perked. I looked over at the awkward trees. Stalks barley thicker than my thumb. Gigantic, floppy leaves like elephant ears overwhelming the stick-like structure. I was surprised that a leaf could crate such a clean and strong fragrance.

The Herve Gambs Essence de Figuier fragrance is that day in candle form. Fresh nature exuding a delicious scent. Clean, pure and relaxing. It's a big green scent, as big as the leaves on the tiny fig trees. I love the way Herve Gambs candles burn. The wax liquefies to create the most clear wax pool softly glowing though the milky white glass. This is a great background fragrance.

Do you have fig trees in your yard? Does the fragrance change when the tree bares fruit? I almost bought the trees so I could have this amazing scent in my yard.


  1. That fragrance sounds wonderful. I don't have any fig trees, sadly. One of my favorite scents in the yard right now is "sweet almond verbena"--my small plant has grown into tall shrub/mini-tree (even with the severe drought and heat we endured this year). The fragrance is divine... like nothing I've ever smelled before. If the fragrance could be packaged in a candle, I'd be in heaven. http://www.penick.net/digging/?p=12861

  2. Loving the Herve Gambes fig sample which is surprising since I dislike fig in normal circumstances. Really well done. Nice post Sue! It made me want to plant fig trees in my yard! :)

  3. My mom has a fig tree! And you know what? I'm going to go over there and smell it! I am interested in smelling this fragrance because I don't typically like fig candles either, (I'm with Ryan), however I love fig in real life!

  4. Yeah, oddly enough I am ok with fig in flavors but fig in fragrance never works for me. It always gags me a bit. I think because it usually comes out a bit too heady in sweetness. I wish it was lighter. It's very heavy to me. :(


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