Gift Ideas for Moms & Moms-in-law

Moms and holidays are stressful enough on their own, but holiday shopping for any Mom or Mother-in-law can be downright torturous. Here's a head-up when home fragrance shopping for your Mom. They typically look for one of three types of fragrances: Clean (because, yes, kids do smell), Cozy/homey (because they don't always have time to throw cookies in the oven) or Feminine ( every woman has a girly side).

If there's one thing I know about Moms (as someone that has one and is one), you don't want to mess with them. Given this, I've picked some fail-safe scents that make great gifts for your Mom or Mother-in-law.

For clean fragrances I would go with top sellers Nest Bamboo or Votivo Red Currant. These are both fresh scents without screaming lemon. Nest Bamboo is based on the famed Slatkin Bamboo & Jasmine candle and we know you can't go wrong with that. Women love the classic jasmine fragrance and the green bamboo notes make this scent more fresh than floral.

Votivo Red Currant is also iconic with the same cult following. We like safety in numbers when it comes to picking gifts for Moms, but the clincher for me? My Mom actually likes this one. My Mom doesn't like much when it comes to scented candles. I see the wounded warriors all around her home that have sacrificed their lives to try and appease her to be left unloved and dusty. It's a tragic seen. Votivo Red Currant, however, is the only candle that has been invited back. Nuff said.

For cozy fragrances that make a house smell like a home I love Trapp Orange Clove. Also based on a cult classic (Trapp Orange Vanilla) this candle makes you feel loved even if you aren't and makes your Mom look like Mrs. Cleaver even if she isn't.

The other cozy fragrance for the more sophisticated Mom would be Nest Pumpkin Chai. Or Nest Tahiti Vanille. Or, ok you got me - we love Nest, Wild Oats & Bourbon. Laura Slatkin is an incredible chef in addition to being a fabulous home fragrance maven. Her gourmand fragrances emulate her amazing cooking skills and I don't know anyone that wouldn't want their home to smell like Laura Slatkin's.

For florals, if you want the smell you get when you walk into the cooler at your local florist, go with Trapp Bob's Flower Shoppe. Bob Trapp owned a flower shoppe and created the candle to simulate that same amazing environment. Looks like it turned out alright...

The other floral goes to Tocca Grace. This candle will fill her home with the scent of real lilies. Ok, you got me again. I have to be honest and say I'm not going with safety in numbers on this one. As stated earlier, I am a Mom, which as you well know, means I can change my mind, rules and preferences at any given moment without explanation or logic. I just happen to adore this floral. It's the only one that doesn't make me gag. There, I said it. If I were going to go with another strong seller for florals it would be Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose.

If you want to go with a holiday fragrance I recommend Nest Holiday or Thymes Frasier Fir. These are no-brainers. Nest Holiday is everything holiday wrapped up in candle form. It doesn't get more holiday than this and if it doesn't make you feel like Elf singing in the department store then there's nothing I can do for you. Except recommend Thymes Frasier Fir. Stick a ginormous Christmas tree in a blender and you have Frasier Fir. Both of these fragrances are available in furry red boxes - perfect for gift giving.

If she isn't into fragrances and she's sentimental (or you're engaged to her son and you're trying to impress and/or please) go with a pair of Bayberry tapers. You'll gain massive points on the thought alone. It's an old New England tradition to burn bayberry tapers on Christmas Eve (or any special occasion, just make something up and go with it) to bring health and prosperity in the year to come.

Hopefully this has helped take the stress out of shopping for your Mother or Mother-in-law. When all else fails - wine. And lots of it... for you.


  1. Great suggestions, Sue! I love Trapp Orange Clove, and I'm making a note of several others you mentioned. I personally would like to try Nest Bamboo and Votivo Red Currant.


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