The Main Event Episode 46 Best Sellers

We thought we'd do a show on what people love. Here's a list of the top selling candles. Most of these candles are not only our best-sellers, but the best selling candles nationwide.

Tocca Grace - a gorgeous, and very fragrant, Casablanca lily scent.

Nest Bamboo - Slatkin's are know for their jasmine. Harry Slatkin had a national best selling candle, Bamboo & Jasmine, with his Slatkin & Co Classic Collection candle line. Now Laura Slatkin is setting records with Nest Fragrances Bamboo candle. This candle is available in a single wick, votive size and 3-wick candle.

The Seda France Japanese Quince is a popular scent. It's regularly featured on the Oprah Show and it's Colin Cowie's favorite fragrance. We currently have Japanese Quince in the Pagoda candle and diffuser.

Votivo Red Currant is one of the best selling candles available on the market. Red Currant is available in incense, diffuser, hand soap, hand lotion and candle.

Santiago Huckleberry is one of the best selling fragrances by Voluspa. On-line it is our best-selling Voluspa scent, but in store Baltic Amber and Makassar Ebony & Peach do well.

Trapp Orange Vanilla is one of the most popular candles nationwide. We have Trapp Orange Vanilla in a 5oz candle, diffuser, votive candle and room spray.

Milk is the best selling scent for k. hall. The name is deceiving, it actually smells like vanilla. Think more cookies than milk. We have Milk in the 100% vegetable wax candle, diffuser, diffuser refill, bar soap, egg soap and hand lotion.

The Rigaud Cypres candle is a classic. It's been a top seller for Rigaud since it's creation over 100 years ago. We have Rigaud Cypres in the mini, demi and standard candle sizes.

Every candle line has it's stand-out fragrance. These fragrances are tops in their lines. If you're looking for a gift and you're not sure what to get, try one of these!


  1. I asked you guys on twitter this very question a couple of weeks ago, so I really enjoyed this vblog. My personal favorites are Votivo Clean Crisp White and just about anything from Voluspa.

    I recommend to anyone selling their home to use the Votivo clean crisp white during all the open houses and home viewings, works like a charm!


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