Nest Spring Fest Candle Giveaway

Nest Peony Blanche Candle Giveaway

We're giving away one Nest Peony candle a day from April 25th to May 8th as we count down to Mother's Day. 14 chances to win!

Below are the various ways you can earn raffle entries:
  • Post on our Facebook page "I'm here for Nest Spring Fest" for 1 raffle entry.

  • Earn a raffle entry everytime you have a new friend join our Facebook page and post "[yourname] sent me for Nest Spring Fest". Your friend will also earn a raffle entry. This entry is only valid when you have someone new join our page.

  • Request a scent sample of Nest Peony Blanche by sending your mailing address to When you receive your sample, post your feedback on our Facebook page for 1 raffle entry.

  • Earn 1 raffle entry for every in-store or on-line Nest Fragrances purchase between 4/19/11 and 5/7/11.

  • Earn 1 raffle entry for every Nest Fragrances review you post on our website between 4/19/11 and 5/7/11.

We'll draw a random raffle entry each day starting Monday, April 25th and announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter and our website. You have 30 days to claim your prize by sending an email to Each winner will receive a Nest Peony Blanche candle (retail value $32). If you live outside the Annapolis, Maryland area, we'll ship the candle to any continental US address. Good luck!