Rub a Dub Dub - This is The Best Scrub!

I absolutely LOVE the Tocca body scrub in their amazing Stella scent. I've tried a zillion scrubs and this one has the best consistency by far. Exfoliating without being scratchy. Uber-moisturizing without being greasy or heavy. The Italian blood orange fragrance is amazing - fresh and lively - and the scent lasts and lasts.

The Tocca Stella body scrub (Esfoliante da Corpo ) uses crushed olive granules to delicately exfoliate dry skin. It's also rich in natural oils including Italian olive oil, safflower oil and grape seed oil.

I used this scrub before flying cross-country and it worked wonders at helping me stay fresh and moisturized all day. I use this scrub at least once a week and the results are incredible. A must have product!

Disclaimer: Yes, we sell this product. Typically my posts are objective and slightly analytical (just my nature). This blog post, however, is simply out of passion for this product. Just wanted to share some Tocca scrub love with you.


  1. That sounds really nice! I would love to try this product!


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