Modern Alchemy Tincture of Winchester

Tincture of Winchester - a blend of fire arsenal of wood stock, 19th century lacquer and smoky gunpowder.

According to Modern Alchemy, smell is often called the sense tied most closely to human memory, profoundly influencing people’s ability to recall past events and experiences. Each fragrance in the Historical collection by Modern Alchemy will evoke the essence of a moment in time, places long past and events rooted in our collective history.

Modern Alchemy definitely achieved this feat for me with their Tincture of Winchester candle. It reminds me of warming by the fire on cold New England nights. Tincture of Winchester is most likely my favorite Modern Alchemy candle. I always gravitate towards woody, smoky scents.

The Lucifer candle by Juliette Has a Gun plays on the smoke from a fire. When you're out for a walk on a dark, brisk night and you pick up the scent of a roaring fire in a nearby home. I love that smell. It makes me happy inside. That smell makes a house a home.

The Lafco Ski House candle celebrates the wood in the fire - the heart. Natural and fresh. Slight sweet with just a hint of smoke.

Votivo Smoke on the Water is the ashes under the fire. Damp, smoldering newspaper ashes. The morning after a late night campfire by a lake.

Tincture of Winchester brings all of that together. Imagine standing next to a grand, stone fireplace almost as tall as you. Rich wood paneling lines the walls. Thick rugs are scattered on the floor and you're relaxed in an oversized, worn leather chair. It's not refined, stuffy or pretentious like a Ralph Lauren ad. It's warm, relaxing and welcoming and yet rich and luxurious.

It's fun when fragrances bring memories to life. I wonder where the other Modern Alchemy fragrances will take me...

Tincture of Winchester is in the Modern Alchemy Historical Collection by D. L. & Co.