How to Switch Fragrances in your Lampe Berger Lamp

Lampe Berger is a wonderful product for removing odors while fragrancing the air. There are over 40 Lampe Berger fragrances available so you can select just the right scent for your environment. While it's wonderful to be able to use so many different scents with one lamp, switching fragrances can be tricky. Here are some options on how to change Lampe Berger fragrance oils gracefully:
  1. Use Neutral between fragrances to remove the previous fragrance before adding the next. Neutral helps to unclog your wick/burner so using Neutral between scents is also good practice. Neutral can also be blended with any fragrance to make it more subtle. You can use any ratio of Neutral to fragrance to get the right concentration for you.
  2. My least favorite way to switch fragrances is to rinse the lamp and wick between scents. If you choose this option, only use water (no soap) and be sure to let everything dry completely before use.
  3. Some fragrances blend nicely. For example, Lavender to Grapefruit, any floral to any floral, Southern Vanilla to Creme Brulee. If you think the two scents will blend nicely, go ahead and add the second fragrance whenever you like or when the lamp is empty. Keep in mind that the previous scent will still be in the wick even if the lamp is empty. The residual fragrance will blend with the next whether you want it to or not. This is sometimes a problem for customers that buy a new scent and add it to an empty lamp. If you don't like the scent, it may be the previous fragrance throwing off the new scent. Be aware of that possibility and judge any new fragrance you try carefully considering it may be tainted from the previous scent.
  4. If you like to switch between different types of scents frequently, create a wick for each scent category and store the unused wicks in ziplock bags. For example, keep one wick for sweet fragrances and one wick for florals. Be sure to label the ziplock bags so you know what wick you're using.
  5. If you switch fragrances very often, or like many different types of scents, consider purchasing multiple lamps - one for each scent category. Multiple lamps makes categorizing fragrances easily, by lamp, and eliminates the hassle of switching out the wick each time. Having more than one lamp also allows you to layer fragrances without having to blend them. For example, I put Lavender in my living room but Grapefruit in my kitchen and the two blend nicely but remain separate in the lamps for single use. We've found that many Lampe Berger customers start with a simple lamp to get comfortable with the process and then get a more decorative lamp once they get comfortable. Avid Lampe Berger fans have lamps for each room to suite the decor and their fragrance preferences. While that may sound outrageous to the beginner Lampe Berger user, after frequent use and increased adoration, it won't seem so outlandish. You'll see....
While it's a good idea to try new fragrances in the smaller 500ml size, once you find a Lampe Berger fragrance oil that you like, be sure to buy it in the 1-Liter size. It's a much better value. Not sure what to try? Ocean Breeze is the best seller year-round. Orange Cinnamon and Winterwood are the most popular in the winter.

Please note that it takes a couple of uses to get comfortable with Lampe Berger. If you're nervous or unsure at first, give it a few more tries to get things just right. In no time you'll be a pro and want to get another lamp. They also make great gifts.

Have fun and enjoy!