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It's amazing how much time and money people spend decorating their house. One critical item that most homeowners forget, however, is fragrance. Scent finishes a space and helps create ambiance and warmth.

In the foyer, it's important to select a fragrance that is welcoming and not offensive. Many people are sensitive to florals and vanilla fragrances so it's best to stay away from those in the foyer and common areas. In the fall, we like the Lafco Family Room candle for the foyer. It's fresh Cortland Apple fragrance is light and inviting and the bright red, hand-blown glass container adds a punch of color.

As you move on to the family room, relaxed and casual fragrances work well. In the fall, Nest Pumpkin chai is like a worn pair of jeans that fit perfectly. It's spicy scent is unique and comforting.

The kitchen is a great place for clean and bright fragrances such as Voluspa Mandarino Canella. Juicy orange mixed with a sweet spice under currant works well in the fall. Voluspa offers their Maison fragrances in candles, diffusers and room sprays. Diffusers offer a constant fragrance while room sprays work well when you need and instant burst of scent. Candles in various shapes in sizes allow you to select the one that's just right for you. Candles with lids offer a clean look when not in use.

In the living room a more sophisticated fragrance is nice. We love Belle Fleur Kyara Clove. It's a blend of leather, wood and spices that makes you feel like you're lost in an over sized worn leather chair in a den surrounded by rich wood paneling. It's luxurious and relaxing fragrances is perfect for cooler months.

Bedrooms are a great place for more sensual fragrances such as Tocca Colette. This alluring fragrance is a blend of sandalwood and vanilla - scents highly sought after by both men and women making it perfect for the bedroom. Candles create a romantic environment and this soothing scent will leave you wanting more.

Bathrooms are a fun place to play with fragrance. Since most people aren't in bathrooms for a long amount of time, this is a great time to get creative and try something different. In the fall we really like Votivo Teak in the bathroom. It offers luxurious woody notes but also a clean essence that works well in bathrooms. Votivo offers their Teak fragrance in a diffuser, candle and room spray to vary the intensity of the scent. Room sprays work well in bathrooms when you need instant fragrance. Diffusers are handy since they offer a constant fragrance without having to keep an eye on them. Votivo travel tins work well in the bathroom as the lid keeps hair spray out of the candle wax when not in use. If you have a candle in the bathroom that crackles or pops when you light it, chances are it's hairspray that has settled on the top of the candle.

Fall is a fun time to play with scent. Selecting different fragrances for each room that layer nicely with each other creates an effect your guests will never forget.


  1. I love this video! I love when Dave really gets into it and gives it his all. It cracks me up. You guys are such a fun couple. Love it!!!!!!

  2. I am loving this video tremendously. I also like the tip on the Votivo Teak room spray being used in the bathroom/ I completly agree, excellent choice of fragrance!

  3. very cool. Ryan K. sent me.


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