Tocca 007 Leather Martini Candle

The 007 candle from Tocca infuses your living room with sparks of intrigue and desire. Encapsulated in the scent is the leathery interior of an Aston Martin and a dry Martini. A hint of mystery to stir curiosity, lavishly abundant in charm and ease.

Tocca 007 Candle
I appreciate that Tocca, such a feminine candle line, isn't afraid to offer a very masculine fragrance. 007 smells like rich, soft leather inside a luxurious car. I imagine myself finely dressed alongside a stunning date on our way to an exquisite event.

While leather isn't a scent for everyone, this candle is a great option for those looking for the perfect fragrance for a man cave. Tocca 007 offers the most pure, simplistic option for leather. Unfortunately, the martini is lost on me. I find that to sadly be the case with any liquor reference in a candle.

Most leather candles blend themselves into cologne, books, tobacco or wood. The ones that try to be pure leather often come across as cheap, nauseous leatherette. The Tocca 007 candle, however, comes across as fine leather, simply done.

Fragrance intensity 2/5. Burn quality 3/5.