Tocca Home and Personal Fragrance Overview

In 1994 three friends got together to create an affordable clothing line that still had all the fashion and detail of designer clothing. They named the business TOCCA, after the Italian word for "touch" referring the the embellishments on the clothing.

Tocca Candles
Tocca beauty was launched in 1997 and started with a laundry delicate (that they are still well known for), their original solid perfume and a body product. The beauty division grew into several bath and body products and an extensive collection of candle fragrances.

Tocca Perfume
A few years ago Tocca launched their first eau de parfum in their leading fragrances - Cleopatra, Stella and Florence. While the Tocca body product fragrances match the candle fragrance, the perfume is an interpretation of the candle scent. They turned the home fragrance into a personal fragrance by adding deep base notes to extend the longevity of the fragrance on the skin. They also layered the fragrances more intricately for a more robust scent. Rather than make a room and/or body spray out of their home fragrance scents to compliment candle sales, they created a whole new category for them to really expand their offering. The result has been a tremendous success.

Tocca Perfume Gift Set
Tocca now offers their eau de parfum in 7 fragrances: Cleopatra (cucumber grapefruit), Stella (blood orange), Florence (floral), Brigitte (papaya ginger), Giulietta (apple tulip), Bianca (green tea lemon) and their newest launch, Colette (sandalwood vanilla). They also offer Cleopatra, Stella, Giulietta, Brigitte and Florence in a solid perfume option. I love the new perfume gift set that contains a mini version of Cleopatra, Stella and Florence. It's incredibly charming and very well priced.

Tocca is an excellent example of "If you're going to do it, do it right". They take their bath and body category very seriously and it shows. They are regularly featured in beauty magazines. Tocca created a true perfume rather than a body spray and it's paying off in their success. Tocca believes that small indulgences go a long way. Hopefully you'll have the pleasure in indulging in a Tocca product someday. As the inside of the box states, "Love yourself".


  1. Fabulous write up! Very interesting evolution of a beautiful line of products. The perfume gift set is a wonderful Christmas idea.


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