Tocca Havana Candle

Havana's constant salsa rhythm moves you as you enjoy the sweet yet spicy mix of sugarcane and rum. Let the excitement of this adventurous Caribbean city envelope your senses.

I love the slightly sweet and exotic blend in the Tocca Havana candle. Again, I admire Tocca for creating a fragrance that isn't feminine. This is a fun unisex scent. The sweetness of the sugar cane blends with rum to create an intoxicating and alluring fragrance. Tocca Havana is a scent I can enjoy year round - in the summer it's fun and festive. In the winter is seductive and soothing. I enjoy this fragrance particularly late in the afternoon and evening when it's time to wind-down and relax.

This time of year, when the weather is cool, the Tocca Havana candle pairs well with my favorite drink, Winter Rum. We found it at The London Bar in NYC, owned by my #1 idol, Chef Gordon Ramsey. It's a blend of:
  • Montecristo Rum
  • Liquor 43
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Real Maple syrup
  • Lime juice
  • splash of Black Seal Rum on top
  • I add a whole clove. Dave likes to top it off with a whole star anise.

The drink is very similar to the candle - a slightly sweet blend of sugar and rum. Yum!

Fragrance intensity: 3/5. Burn quality 3.5/5.


  1. Sue, I think you sent me a sample of this and it's on my list!!
    Holly Bray

  2. Mmm...sounds good! I don't drink very often, but rum is my favorite liquor when I do. I may have to try this one. :)

  3. Mmmmm that drink sounds heavenly!


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